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The Correct Ways To Comb Your Lashes & Lash Wand Alternatives

You just got your fabulous lash extension for the holidays. And you fell in love with them, wondering how you have ever lived without them, right? We get that! Lash extensions are great to wake up looking fresh and without any hassle that comes with mascara or strip lashes.

LOW maintenance doesn’t mean NO maintenance. One thing you can do to maintain your lashes in between refiling is to brush them daily. Brushing your lashes seems like an easy task to include in your care routine. But you would be surprised to know how improper brushing leads to poor retention. 

So, to make sure you are brushing your lashes in the right way, there are few ways you can use to ensure flawless fluff while brushing at home. Whether you are blessed with beautiful natural lashes or classic lashes, combing and fluffing them is essential. 

Steps to brush your eyelashes (With or without extensions)

The brushing method is less or more the same with or without lash extension. However, when you have an extension, you need to be extra gentle while brushing. When you organize your lash day follow these steps:

Step 1: Pick up your lash brush and apply it to the top of your lash line. 

Step 2: Gently roll your brush downward through your lashes. And then roll out at the end of your lashes. 

Step 3: If you need a bit more fluff, take your lash wand and put it under the base of your lashes, and brush upward. It will give you some fluff with a little extra lift. 

Brushing in this way is safe for your lashes, especially with extension. And it will really get through your lash line without tugging or pulling. 

When to brush your lashes 

A soft and quick brush you can give any time to your lashes is always a good idea. However, when you first wake up, the best time is as your lashes can get a little crooked up after sleeping. Or after applying makeup, after showering, and after cleansing your lash line.

Brush your lashes after applying your makeup

When combing your classic set of lash extension after applying powdery cosmetics like eyeshadow or face powder can remove any excess left on your lash line. When it comes to applying mascara, comb your natural lashes before applying it, so you don’t apply it on top of powder excess. 

If you don’t brush your lashes before applying mascara, you will observe clumps in lashes together due to the remaining residue on your lash line.

Brush your eyelashes after a shower or washing your face 

After cleansing or showering with your lashes, you will want to brush them. But, first, let them air-dry and then give them a soft comb through to separate your lashes gently. It will give you a fluffy, flawless look that you will love so much. 

The lash wand: Your trusted combing tool 

Now that you know about proper brushing steps, you need a lash wand ready to comb your lashes. When you search for an eyelash extension near me and go, you will notice lots of lash wands lying around! 

Phenomenal lash wand alternatives to brush your lashes 

Are you a girl who doesn’t have a lash wand handy? Worry not! There are many items you probably have at your home that will work. 

Let’s have a look for some great lash wand alternatives. Remember, no matter what you use, make sure it’s clean before you comb your lash! 

Use a recycled mascara wand.

Own a mascara in a cosmetic bag that you are not using anymore? Lucky one! You can reutilize it by cleaning it off with water or baby shampoo if you have it handy. Also, remove all the residue mascara from the brush. Once water gets clear, you know your brush is clean. Air-dry it, and it’s ready to use! 

Search for a fine-tooth comb

If you have a bin or drawer of brushes and combs, you will probably find a fine-tooth comb somewhere in there. Moreover, very fine combs work the best! When you select a comb, pick a comb with “teeth” positioned closely together. 

Reuse a toothbrush 

An old or clean toothbrush you have on hand or a nice inventory of travel toothbrushes you have hidden away, you can use them to comb your lashes, too! First, take your toothbrush and cut the two outer layers of bristles. Leave the middle row of bristles longer. 

Use pipe cleaner (from your craft box)

A pipe cleaner? It sounds strange, right! But it is a magical makeshift item you can use to brush your lashes. First, take your pipe cleaner and fold it into a teardrop shape. Twist the ends together and leave a little handle at the bottom so you can hold on to comb through your lash. 

Benefits + Beauty of brushing your lashes daily 

Each day spending 15-20 seconds sweeping through your lashes will do wonders for putting stray lash extensions in place and keeping your lash line fluffed. It also helps you to keep your extensions last longer, too! 

Now that you know proper brushing techniques and the appropriate tools you can use to brush your eyelashes, you’re all set for a remarkable appearance!

Wrapping up:

Maintaining your classic lashes extension is not that tough once you understand what they need to look their best. It helps you to avoid tangling and clumping so you can keep them healthy. By focusing on daily brushing with these techniques, you can keep your lash look natural and healthy.




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