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Shopify services – an answer for your online store

Whether an online store grows or not depends on the level of its development. Selling online requires a lot of actions that attract clients, increase their number over time and provide an excellent user experience. Payment options, delivery options, website design, convincing language – all of these factors have a huge impact on the satisfaction of the customers.

Sell products with the world’s most popular shopping platform

Where challenges arise, the most proven solutions work. To sell online you don’t have to build from scratch. Instead, you can use the framework provided by the larger platform. Shopify, which is the world’s most popular SaaS shopping platform, is exactly the kind of place where a developing business can find what it needs. Brand Active, an eCommerce agency and Shopify partner, offers comprehensive implementation of Shopify tools for online stores.

Brand Active – an exemplary service business

The example of cooperation with Shopify shows how broad is the field of Brand Active’s expertise. As the main goal of the agency is the development of eCommerce businesses in Poland, it is successfully adopting Shopify platform to the needs of the Polish market. See more on

Solutions for physical product and service businesses

Online stores that cooperate with Brand Active can choose either standard or advanced development within the framework of Shopify software. The first option includes services such as implementing Shopify payments, translating content into Polish, delivery configuration and redesign of the appearance. Shopify plus additionally provides benefits such as extended security, task automation or extended access to API (Application Programming Interface).

Manage with PIM for successful selling

In order to successfully gather and control information, online stores need to use PIM (Product Information Management) systems. The services provided by Brand Active include comprehensive implementation of Akeneo’s PIM. After the successful customization of the system the agency continues to support the team and provides training services.

Marketing – the key to sell services and products

As attracting customers is the key to success in eCommerce, Brand Active puts the buyer in the center of attention. The layouts for online stores that the agency prepares rely on User Experience & User Interface rules. Graphic designers and programmers use their talents to create projects that are user friendly and look amazing. In addition, the ad spend and SEO audits help potential customers find the stores quickly and easily.



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