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Gantry cranes are cranes built above a gantry, which happens to be a structure typically used to bestride an object. Gantry Cranes ranges from the full gantry cranes, which is capable of lifting some of the most massive loads, to the portable gantry cranes; they are usually small, which means they’re meant to carry just small loads, like lifting engines out of vehicles. Gantry crane are basically used in workplace or to straddle an object.

There are different types of cranes, even before the industrial revolution. After then, humans used electricity and fossil fuels to power these cranes, which made them even more efficient and powerful. However, in present times, Gantry Cranes turned out to be completely efficient.

A gantry crane consists of one or two steel beams aided by steel legs and a trolley. You might be wondering how this works; the process is relatively easy. The trolley moves athwart the beam while the aiding steel legs can ride on the rails fixed on the floor.

Gantry cranes are of different types. Based on the aiding structure and application, gantry cranes can be categorized into different types. Below includes a few basic types of gantry cranes;

  • Full- gantry crane
    Full- gantry cranes happen to be one of the most common types of gantry cranes; the full- gantry crane comprises of two aiding steel legs which move around fixed rails. This particular crane typically works in a reserved area.
  • Semi- Gantry crane
    One leg of a Semi- gantry crane runs ahead of a rail on the surface, whereas the others run ahead of a runway system which is fixed on a wall or any other perpendicular surface. It is a bit easy to know the height difference between the two legs, but it is usually based on your construction site or requirements.
  • Portable Gantry Crane
    When gantry crane is portable, it simply means it can be carried and assembled on various sites. This makes them perfectly flexible. Portable gantry cranes are small, which means they can handle only small weighed items, such as vehicle engines.
  • Adjustable Gantry Cranes
    This particular gantry crane can be portable or fixed. They usually come with variable height and span design. Its base width, height, and horizontal beam length can be all adjusted according to your load requirements.
  • Single Girder Gantry Crane
    This particular gantry crane comprises only a single girder and rail. They are meant to run on the underside of the bridge. This cranes are basically light duty anf are for areas where there is limited space. It makes lifting easier and faster.
  • Double Girder Gantry Crane
    As the name implies, it comprises of two girder beams which make up the bridge. It is most suitable for heavy-duty applications.

It is essential you know when exactly to use the gantry cranes to prevent the crane from running skew, increasing the resistance, and, at times, accidents. Here’s when you should use the gantry crane.

  1. When lifting heavy objects
  2. Lowering heavy objects
  3. Lifting and luffing wire rope.
  4. When a sudden failure takes place during operation, gantry cranes ensure safety.
  5. Gantry Cranes helps move or turn an empty car; make sure you are 2m away from the floor.
  6. Gantry cranes can be used in lifting heavy objects when the crane is turning under heavy lifting conditions, pay rapt attention for any obstacles to avoid accidents.
  7. In the case whereby the wind outruns six levels, you should stop working immediately. Gantry Cranes would be able to lay the iron wedge and raise the hook to the upper limit.

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