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The best reasons to choose the OpenCart Automatic Related Products Extension

Have you ever heard of the OpenCart Automatic Related Products Extension? Do you know what is the purpose of the OpenCart related products module? Knowband brings forth the OpenCart product cross-selling module for all its esteemed clients. Further, the extension by the company is all about helping you increase sales and revenues. How? Furthermore, by allowing the admin to display an array of relevant products to the customers. In fact, he can display the relevant products in a box on the website.

In this blog, we will take a look at the best reasons that help you have a better understanding of the module. Furthermore, first, let us understand how the OpenCart similar products extension works.

How does the OpenCart Automatic Related Product extension work?

A customer comes online to your website looking for a pair of jeans (for instance). Further, he/she starts browsing the store. On every page he/she clicks, he will find a block of relevant products. In fact, the customer will find related products on various pages. For instance, homepage, product pages, cart page, and others. Further, the buyer will be able to find other jeans styles or t-shirts, tops, and other outfit options relevant to their search. Thus, there is a chance that the customer buys what he/she is buying and something from the block additionally.

  • Therefore, the OpenCart Automatic Related Products Extension helps you increase sales. Moreover, increase revenues in the long run.
  • Now, you know how does the OpenCart related products extension work. Let us go forth and check out the reasons to invest in the OpenCart alike product module.
  • Best reasons to opt for OpenCart Automatic Related Products Extension by Knowband

Because handling the OpenCart advance related product extension is effortless

Knowband ensures that the OpenCart product cross-selling module is easy on the admin. Moreover, it is also a help for the customers. Thus, the admin needs no technical knowledge for installing, configuring, or handling the OpenCart alike product module. Furthermore, the admin can easily handle the extension by Knowband. In addition, make full use of it to bring positive results for the eCommerce business.

Because displaying relevant products is easy-peasy

The admin can effortlessly display the products that are useful for the customers. In fact, he can configure so many things from the backend. Further, he can display the related product block on all the pages of the website or choose the page as per the need. In fact, he also gets an option to choose the position of the block on those pages. For instance, he can place it on the left sidebar, right-sidebar, or the footer of the page. Hence, he can place it where the customers can easily view the products and choose from them.

Because the admin can please the customers

You can even say that the admin has the power to abstain the customers to feel irritated here. Let me explain this to you. Further, the admin can opt to display only the in-stock products to display in the block. Thus, this ensures that there are no unavailable products on the front end. So, when the customer chooses something from the relevant products block, they won’t be disappointed to find them unavailable.

Now you know why the OpenCart advance related product extension is important for your store. Let us take a look at the key benefits of the module by Knowband.

Benefits of the OpenCart product cross-selling module

  • Increasing client participation on the website

The OpenCart similar goods plugin from Knowband helps to increase customer engagement. The OpenCart plugin will also enhance client interaction with the website.

  • The positioning of the relevant product section

Using the OpenCart advanced related product extension, he can insert the block wherever he wants. He can put it on the left column, right column, or page bottom, for example, based on his desire. Further, he also has the option of putting it in different places across all of the pages. He can keep it stationary on both of them, in fact. As a consequence, he is in total command.

  • Promote cross-selling opportunities on the website

The first advantage of the OpenCart related goods extension is that it helps the administrator start cross-selling. Cross-selling is, in fact, a widespread approach for growing a website’s sales and revenue. As a consequence, you can utilize the extension to persuade your customers to fill their shopping carts with more things. As a result, a larger cart value translates into more sales and revenue.

  • Adaptations for diverse situations

Using Knowband’s OpenCart-like product module, the admin can specify the various criteria. In actuality, he has perfect control over all of the elements that influence a consumer’s decision to purchase the goods in the associated products block.

  • Only items that are presently in stock will be shown

It’s no surprise that anything can upset a consumer when they’re shopping. They realize that the things displayed in the area by the administrator are out of stock in this case. As a result, exit the site right now and never return. As a consequence, on the front end, only accessible goods should be presented. You can also hide all unavailable items from the relevant products block using the OpenCart automated related products extension.

  • Set the number of products on the web pages according to your preferences

The OpenCart related products module gives the administrator the ability to customize a number of settings. In the relevant product section, he can alternatively simply define the number of things he wishes to display. He might have the same number of goods on all of the pages or a different quantity on each page of the site.

Let us wind up!!

The OpenCart Automatic Related Products Extension by Knowband is a stunning option. In fact, it is a helpful tool for your eCommerce business. Cross-selling is a hot trend in today’s time in the eCommerce industry. Further, you too can join the bandwagon by opting to start cross-selling on your website. In fact, if you want to know more about the plugin, you can either check out the Knowband store or let us know at We will be happy to help you through.

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