The aspects of the Prestashop Gift Card Manager that marketers take lightly – But they shouldn’t

To begin, you can already be aware of what a Gift Card is. In addition, that it is one of the most popular methods for attracting new consumers. Further, purchases to your eCommerce company. You’ve come to the correct spot if you’ve been considering adding the Prestashop Gift Card Manager to your eCommerce business.

Have you ever thought about the Prestashop send gift card addon for your eCommerce business? If you haven’t, this is the right time. Furthermore, if you’ve done your research, you’ll know the details. Details? Yes, that gift cards are highly popular during the holiday season. Thus, there’s no better time to invest in the Prestashop gift module.

This article discusses the aspects of the Prestashop gift voucher module that makes it a triumph on your eCommerce site.

Features of the Prestashop gift card module

  1. Installation is uncomplicated

Installing and configuring the Prestashop gift card Addon is a cakewalk. In fact, the shop administrator does not require any specific skills to complete the installation. The operation is readily complete by following the procedures outlined in the User Manual.

  1. Determine the minimum and maximum amounts

A base amount and a maximum amount for a gift card are configurable by the store administrator. Further, customers can simply use the Prestashop gift module to purchase a gift card within that limit.

  1. Gift cards can be made in any quantity

The Prestashop Gift Card Manager allows the store admin to generate an unlimited number of gift cards. With the Prestashop gift card vouchers plugin, the store admin can produce as many gift cards as he likes for birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays like Christmas, Halloween, New Year’s Day, and Valentine’s Day.

  1. Setting the delivery gap days

The Prestashop Gift Card module framework allows you to define the number of days between Gift Card deliveries.

  1. In the latest version of the Prestashop gift card manager, the PDF format is available

The new form comes with a simple but informative pdf that will be created for the gift card.

  1. Gift vouchers have a distinct prefix code

With the help of the Prestashop gift card manager, the store admin will be able to add an exclusive prefix code to the gift certificate.

  1. The Gift Card Module for Prestashop allows you to adjust the status of your orders

The admin can alter the order status for Gift Card orders using the Prestashop Gift Card Manager. Only once the order status has been updated to the described state will the Gift Card be given to the selected beneficiary.

  1. The buying of gift cards can be readily trackable

From the backend, the store administrator can simply track gift card purchases. He or she has access to order details, order status, delivery date, and other order details. Using the Prestashop gift card system module instead of publishing the order data is an option.

  1. Consumers must provide several details in order to gift the gift card

When a consumer purchases a gift card for a recipient, he or she must supply the amount, the sender’s and recipient’s names, as well as the latter’s email address, in order for the gift card to be delivered to the intended recipient.

  1. Add keywords that are meaningful

By adding relevant keywords to the Prestashop gift module design, they are mappable to any categorization. For instance, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, Birthdays, Festivals (Christmas, New Year, Halloween, Thanksgiving), and so forth.

  1. Addition of images in the gift cards

Another new update in the Prestashop gift card module by Knowband is that you can allow customers to add images to gift cards. In fact, this way you can make the gift cards more personalized for the consumers.

  1. Partial use of gift cards

The latest version of the Prestashop Gift Card Manager by Knowband allows partial use of gift vouchers. Further, the administrator can develop a new gift card item with a number and expiration date.

  1. Email notifications

Customers who choose the ‘Print By Yourself’ option can quickly get updates through email from the shop owner.

  1. Sales are increasing

Admins can use the Prestashop gift card module to increase conversion rates on their Prestashop business.

Additional features of the Prestashop send gift card addon

  • Compatibility with many languages

Knowband’s Prestashop Send Gift Card addon supports many languages, allowing consumers to locate gift cards that belong to them in their native tongue. For communications and email layouts, there is an option to change the language depending on the location.

  • Accessibility with several stores

The Prestashop gift card vouchers plugin works with many stores.

  • Embed a Gift Card icon to various locations

When you use Prestashop, you can put the gift card button wherever you want on the website that you think buyers would notice the most. It can also appear in the header, footer, or left sidebar.

  • The new and updated UI is Dynamic

The user interface is critical for a shop’s success or failure since how the user interacts with the features determines whether the store succeeds or fails. Prestashop is mobile-friendly and has a user-friendly interface that enables customers to explore, select, and purchase digital gift cards from your store.

  • Personalization

The Prestashop Gift card manager has a feature that allows the business owner to upload a customized picture to the front end from the backend. This enables consumers to build a personalized gift card with a picture. Furthermore, that they want the gift card when it is ordered. Moreover, sent to the receiver. The business owner can create endless customized gift voucher forms with fresh frameworks. Moreover, update texts or use quick gift voucher layouts from the Prestashop gift module system’s backend.

  • Email templates that are customizable

The Prestashop Gift Card module has configurable email templates to reduce the headache and burden of the business owner/admin. When an order is made or the order status changes, the administrator simply selects a design from the available options and sends it to the client.

  • The ability to use cron

Customers can pick when their real (to address) and digital gift cards will arrive (via mail).

  • Add a catchy title and a message that’s unique to you

The administrator can now add a title and depiction to the Gift Card layout. Further, with this new version of the Prestashop send gift card addon. The customer will be able to see the title and representation, as well as the image.

  • The inventory of the purchase

The Prestashop Gift Card Manager has many newest updates. Further, it allows the administrator to keep track of all gift cards in one spot. The business owner can quickly verify and examine all of the information of the orders received. Further, via gift cards from the Gift Card Orders tab.

In the End

Thus, this is all the Prestashop gift card manager by Knowband is all about. In fact, the module is a great way to target users who are not even potential customers. The Prestashop gift card manager is a great way to communicate with customers, generate profitability and potential sales, and increase profits in your Prestashop store. The Prestashop send gift card addon is one of the most efficient ways to promote your business. Thus, if you think you want the functionality in your store, reach out to us. Further, you can contact us at with all your questions

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