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The 3 Game-Changing Products Marketing Trends in 2021

While 2020 has dished up, marketers are gearing up for 2021 to implement new ideas and strategies to sell and promote their products in the market. Product marketing trends is a tool adopted by businessmen to sell their product among the targeted audience to boost profits and raise demand for the product.

The product marketer has to sync himself with engineers, developers, and sellers to decide how to produce and make the product more reachable and accessible. With time strategies are continuously evolving. A successful business needs to look ahead and incorporate plenty of product marketing trends to open new doors for development and growth.

In this blog, we will tell you three of the most and popular marketing trends to earn more profits. Some game-changing evergreen product marketing trends are as follows! Check it out to know more.

An Effective Way To Market Your Product:

2020 was a disruptive year-The pandemic changed customer behaviour and marketing strategy all over the world. The whole world started working from home and the digital world was the only saviour. Since then, marketers have shifted their product marketing strategies and started focusing more on branding customer experiences and building strong customer relationships.

Follow these product marketing trends to grow your business bigger way. They are as follow:

  1. Inbound marketing: 

According to HubSpot, one of the evergreen trends which started in 2006 still brings chart-topping success to many businessmen. Your website is an investment-no one buys things without the right knowledge! This strategy consists of three steps. They are as follow:

Step 1: Attract more targeted visitors and strangers to your website by using high-quality captivating content through blogs, social publishing, and long-tail keywords

Step 2: Familiarize visitors with your products, brands and convert them into leads. Build and earn the trust of your leads!

Step 3: Once you have earned their trust and sold your products, now convert them as your promoter. Ask your customers if they can sit for a 5-min phone or video call and tell you about their experience.

For example, look at the result, how content writing services provider uses infographic images to spread awareness. These are information that explains so well rather than 2000 words content.

Your customers will advertise your brand!

product marketing

  1. Instagram Reels and videos: 

A short 30-second entertaining video with AR filters, audios, hashtags giving you the real opportunity to capitalize your business on social networking sites.

Instagram Reels is one of the fashionable and popular product marketing trends in 2021. Businessmen can click photos of their store, products, share customer testimonials, and their services on Instagram. He can also hire a local model and ask her to wear store clothes and make before-and-after Reels videos illustrating the makeup transformations. Even you can start a “talking head” conversation with your Instagram followers giving them all the information about your business.

Explore with Instagram Reels to get more views!

Instagram Reels can be shared via message, news feed, and story to get more exposure. Also, don’t forget to add the relevant hashtag. Now you can add up to 30 hashtags with your Instagram post.

Instagram’s algorithm amalgamates all the Reels and picks out the first rated videos which are pleasing, entertaining, and likeable by users and tags them as “Featured” ones, giving them more exposure to the users.

Find out how izhai­­_thestore is advertising their store’s sarees! Check out the following image for their strategy to boost your product sales.

insta brand

  1. Depersonalize advertising: 

Personalization in marketing feels more fake and weird because we all know that the entrepreneur/ human is not talking to us, but a computerized robot is.

What should be the first objective of a business? Earn trust. So, depersonalization is more trustworthy and reliable to customers.

There are 3 ways of depersonalization; study to know more:

  • Remove personalized name from email: Business companies send email to one person and a large scale of people. Therefore using a name feels like they are trying to trick their customers.
  • Love your active customers: Active customers are loyal to your brand, so it’s important to value them the most. Offer them more exciting discount coupons, and talk to them as a real friend.
  • Listen to your customer’s needs: You need to ask about your product’s experience and reviews.

For example, how the “MakeMyTrip” team addressed me as a traveller and asked for my review. Check out the given image as an example.


Final Notes:

For now, you are doing well! If your marketing strategies and advertisements are not doing well then simply proceed with these above-tested product marketing trends. These strategies are up-to-date and will surely help you to handle the competition. You are ahead of your business, always try to understand customers’ needs and decide marketing strategies accordingly.

Nothing can take away your business fame as long as you are dedicated and headstrong with your business marketing strategies. To meet present marketing trends, social media platforms will surely help you to expand your business more. These strategies surely give your business more value.


Tulika is a professional content developer and digital marketing expert with 7 years of experience. She has knowledge of different sectors. She will always try to share proper knowledge with her reader.

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