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The 10 Fastest Ways To Get A Listing

What’s an inventory?

Although we usually see a listing as the ad for a property sale or rent, the listing refers to an agreement between the agent and the principal regarding a property’s marketing.

What is an agreement on a listing?

A listing contract is a contract for employment authorizing an agent to act on behalf of a principal.


In general, this agreement covers:


  • The listing period’s length
  • The sales price you want – (perhaps also include a minimum to the maximum range)
  • How much and how much commission the listing broker received and how much (percent) commission the selling broker receives.

What types of contracts are listed?


  • Open list – the seller has reserved the right to employ several agents. The listing agreement is therefore non-exclusive and is the only sales agent receiving a commission (unless the seller manages to sell the property independently, in which case no commission is paid)
  •  With the pandemicManyExclusive listing of agencies, the seller contracts a broker to sell the property as its exclusive representative. The seller can keep the right to automatically sell the property (but not through a different broker).


Exclusive listing with the right to sell – Only one broker can represent the asset and has exclusive sale commission rights, which means a broker receives payments regardless of who sells the assets, whereas the contract is in effect.

How to find a listing

If you work in real estate, you need listings to find success. This is because you need to have listings to make a sale. It is currently more challenging to get sales as more people want top dollar for their homes. You can get listings fast, however, by following the ten tips below.

1. Contact Who You Know

Before you can do anything, you should reach out to people you already know as a new agents. Start sending texts and making calls to the contacts on your phone to see if they are interested in selling their homes. Have cookouts and other game nights at your home where you can publicize your business.

2. Contact For-Sale-by-Owner Properties

Many individuals who want to sell their homes themselves will do so because they do not want to pay real estate fees. However, if you can explain to them how much more likely they are to sell, they will do so. They are also more likely to work with you when they realize how little the fees are to pay.

3. Use Zillow to find a listing

Zillow is a great tool that you can use at your disposal as you can see who wants to move and can see expired listings. Rush to contact the individuals who are the most likely to want to sell based on these availabilities.

4. Have Open Houses

An open house is an excellent way for you to bring people in to meet you. They can see the types of homes that you are interested in selling. Many people looking at open houses want to sell and have not started the process either, so it is a great way to contact others.

5. Knock on Doors

If you have an open house or got a new house to sell, knock on doors in that neighborhood. You may find people who want to sell their homes after seeing how much one is selling for in your neighborhood.

6. Go to Yard Sales

The summer is the time for yard sales, and when you are having a yard sale, stop by them. Buy a few things, so the homeowners trust you, then ask if they are interested in selling their home. This can at least be a great way to make an introduction to someone you may not know.

7. Social Media Ads

Social media ads are a free or even an inexpensive way to get new listings. You can target specific audience groups in your area and post visual information that is instantly appealing. Post on the ad a way that individuals can get in contact with you and can schedule a home viewing.

8. Send Postcards

It would help if you also tried to do a direct mail campaign to gain new customers. Send out postcards to individuals on your mailing list. Let the postcard share information about your latest sell and about how much and how long it sold for. This will peak potential customers’ minds so they may consider selling their own homes.

9. Thank Past Customers

It would be best if you put so much effort into sending your thanks to your old customers as this will show your new customers how much you care about them. You can have appreciation dinners once a year, or you can send out anniversary postcards. Customers will likely recommend you if they know how much you appreciate them.

10. Post Virtual Listings

If you want to become one of the many real estate agents or letting agents in London, you should also try to make virtual listings. With the pandemic, many are afraid to open houses, so try to offer a 3D tour of a home where customers can experience every room themselves.

Final Thoughts

Getting listings is the number one task of being a real estate agent. You can become an agent and can get good listings and make some of the top sales. Use any of the techniques above to get yourself the perfect listings to start your own business.

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