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Terms You’ll Come across When Shopping for a Wooden Door Online

Your front door does a lot more than simply act as a portal between the outside world and your home; it’s what makes the first impression of your home. A house cannot be said to be complete until it has it’s doors and windows. Thus, this one of the first pieces of woodwork you will probably have to buy for your home. Like a lot of things, today, you can easily find wooden doors online. There are plenty of styles to choose from and whether you want a classic or a modern look, you’re sure to find the perfect door online. That said, there are three terms you should be familiar with before you start shopping.

Door frame

A door cannot be mounted directly onto the brick walls. It need a frame. This typically consists of three parts – two vertical members known as jambs and a horizontal member at the top called a ‘head’. Some door frames may also have a second horizontal member at the bottom. This is known as the sill. When you browse through wooden doors online, the size you need refers to the dimensions within this frame. In most cases, the width of a door is about 0.4-0.6 times the height of the door.


In India, windows are often considered synonymous with shutters but technically speaking, this is not the case. When you’re talking about doors, shutters refers to the assembly of styles, panels and rails. Here styles refers to the vertical elements. The top and bottom most horizontal elements are known as the top rail and bottom rail. The one in the middle that holds the locks is known as the lock rail while the rail between the top and lock rail is known as the frieze rail. Panels refer to the area enclosed by the styles and rails.


Louvered doors are a common external door style. These doors are styled to allow air to pass through without compromising on your privacy. Louvers can be defined as inclined pieces of timber or slats that are set in a parallel series within a frame. These louvers may be fixed or movable to allow a person to vary the amount of ventilation provided.  Louvered doors are typically designed as doors that swing open from the center. The louver panels may be in a single block or in two blocks. Louvers can also be seen on wardrobe doors but they aren’t very commonly seen on other internal doors.

When you’re looking at wooden doors online, it’s easy to get confused by the variety before you. Always prioritize the sturdiness of the door. This is defined by the wood used and design of the door. For example, a teak wood would always be much stronger than a pine wood door. Similarly, a solid wood door would be a strong option. Make sure the brand you’re shopping from understands how to recognize wood grain and treat it properly before it is used to make a door. Also, make sure you shop from reputable wood suppliers.

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