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How Do Carpets And Rugs Get So Dirty?

You may probably not know the real reasons for carpets and rugs getting dirty faster. Firstly, it is important to remember that the carpet is a fabric. You walk on it every day and hold it up for years. Therefore, Carpet Cleaning Fairfield recommends professional cleaning twice a year.

How exactly do your clean carpets get dirty faster? Here is a list of reasons why carpets and rugs get dirty so faster.

Reasons Of Carpets Getting Dirty Soon:

Though carpet can look clean it can hold soil up to 10 lbs in one square foot area. Isn’t it wondering? Let us have a look at the factors that may affect making your carpets dirty.

Style of carpet:

The style of carpet can affect the amount of dirt it holds in the carpet fibres. For example, twisted fibres more pet hair, human hair into those twists. Likewise, a very tall pile holds a lot of dirt when compared to other styles of carpet. So, the requirement for cleaning depends on the type of carpet you choose.

Material of carpet:

The material of the carpet also affects how quickly it gets dirty and how easy is to clean it. For example, artificial fibres such as nylon tend to repel water. So, these types of carpets do not hold much mud in comparison with other fabrics.

On the other hand, cotton fabric tends to catch dirt easier and is an absorbent. This quality of the cotton fabric makes it difficult to clean. 

Environmental Factors:

Environmental conditions can also play a key role in how carpets get filthy faster and require cleaning. Rugs in areas of dust in the air get dirty faster. For example, if your home is around a construction zone, carpets hold most dust in them as this dirt finds its way to settle down. If you find the surfaces of your home dirty, it’s sure that your carpets are carrying a lot of dust in them. Vacuum and frequent cleaning from Fairfield Professionals may allergy-proof your home.

Getting dirty soon after cleaning:

Occasionally it is found that people complain about carpets getting dirty quickly after getting them cleaned. This cannot be the case with the right carpet cleaners. Trained carpet cleaners understand your carpet fabrics and choose the right method for cleaning and drying.

To save time, some carpet cleaners put the detergent in the cleaning solution and apply it to your carpets. This leaves a detergent residue behind and results in sticky carpet attracting it to dry fast with the help of dust embedding in it. Carpets require proper cleaning and drying. Thus your carpets may get dirty soon after cleaning only if they are not efficiently cleaned by Carpet Cleaning Fairfield professionals and dried.

What To Do To Prevent Carpets Getting Very Dirty

Carpet cleaning is a regular household chore if you have children or pets at home. Because they spend most of their time there. To make it an easier task for you, follow these tips to prevent the carpets from getting dirty faster.

Vacuum Regularly:

Regular household dust is easy to take away from the carpets using a standard vacuum cleaner. But if you are living in a traffic place it is difficult for a standard vacuum cleaner to extract the dust from it. Get your rugs and carpets to an expert carpet cleaning at least once or twice a year for its long life.

Treat stains as quickly as possible:

Spills and stains are common when you have children at home. Always remember, the longer the stains set in, the harder is to remove them from your carpets and rugs. Clean the spills immediately. And never rub the stain, always blot it. Blotting makes your carpet stain lighter and also prevents the spreading of the stain. Ensure that you don’t use a colour cloth to blot the stain otherwise transferring dye into the carpet fiber can create another issue for you.

Keep your shoes outdoor:

Have a healthy habit of not walking into your home with outdoor shoes. They may carry much dust, bacteria, and many more germs into them that can fix in your carpets. This may invite allergies to your family and can pose many health issues like asthma. 

Change or Clean Air Filters: 

If you have air filters at home, they must be removing all the dust from your place. As a result, not much of the dust will fall on your carpet and other furnishing. However, you must not be aware that a dirty air filter can cause other problems for you. Also, you may face problems in your entire HVAC system which is not a good sign. So, it’s better to clean or change your filters after every 90 days. Nevertheless, if you have pets at your place, better change them every 60 days. 

A professional cleaning twice a year:

Vacuuming alone is not enough. That can just take the dust away from your carpets. Carpets need deep cleaning at least once or twice a year. Therefore, you need to send them to a professional for efficient cleaning of carpets that can maintain the life of your carpet. Always check for licensed professionals in Fairfield as they can treat with suitable techniques that your carpet fabrics require for deep cleaning.

Expert cleaning is Deep cleaning!

No matter how dirty your carpets are, a professional cleaning can give you a new look at the carpets. The type of cleaning solution they use is based on the carpet material. Also, they add disinfectants to remove possible germs and bacteria deeply from the carpet fibres.

Proper drying procedures prevent mould and mildew growth in the carpets. Therefore, experts not only enhance the elegance of the carpet but also can make your home healthier and germ-free. Price should never be a concern to maintain your worthy carpets because cheaper carpet cleaning services may not provide you quality service.

 If you are looking for services in Fairfield , you can call Carpet Cleaning Fairfield for efficient cleaning and proper drying of your carpets.

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