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Taj Mahal View Point & Photography

Often the tourists are in search of such new places and activities which add charm to their travels schedule. So far as Taj Mahal vacation is concerned, tourists are always in search of good Taj Mahal View Point. So few there are such places in Agra from where you can catch the best view of the Taj Mahal naming few – Amar Vilas Hotel, Taj Khema Hotel, Taj Nature Walk Park and a couple of budget hotels and cafes in Taj Ganj Agra locality.

Local administration of Agra made a plan couple of years back to give a chance to the viewers from the other side of Yamuna River. Thus the site of Mehtab Bagh River front garden was spotted for this purpose. The work was started and the faculties were developed for this reason so that the tourists can enjoy the best glance and capture instangram worthy pictures of the Taj Mahal.

View point from Mehtab Garden

In the front of sprawling Mehtab Bagh a plinth was raised up and the sitting arrangement was done. Thus you can soak into the virgin beauty of the romantic Taj. This place remains open to the tourist in the day time and night time as well. Proper security arrangements are done and parking facility is improved for your better experience of the rear view of the Taj Mahal. What can be the other best place to enjoy then to choose this place for the Taj Mahal Night viewing also thus the viewing of the charms of Taj from distance is matchless.

The marble edifice with a silvery glare towering over the river bank offers the picturesque view. Thus view point is above all the other alternate view points. After the corona Pandemic the Taj Mahal view point is open again to receive the tourists. Following corona protocol you can visit this place easily. You need not to spend a lot to enjoy this vantage point. It is 50 for the Indian Tourists and the foreign citizens INR – 200. So freak out to the Taj view point and explore the beauty of the Taj Mahal & Mehtab Bagh together.

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Best Photography with Best Taj Mahal View Point

Rightly said “pictures can never do the justice to the beauty of the Taj Mahal Agra. The best picture you can envisage in your mind Imagining the history and grandeur of the Taj bygone era. This photogenic classic monument is most googled monument and most photographed place in India. Read about some photography tips: –

Make sure to arrive first

You should keep the fact in mind that you have to arrive early at the Taj Mahal Agra so that you can pass through the security process to enter the Taj Mahal Agra premises in time. The mornings are always pleasant with the best view of the Taj Mahal at dawn. This time of the day it is always less crowdy and you find the colour changing while the dome of the Taj and the entire edifice is bathed in yellow golden hue. So you can take the best instagram pictures.

You search the best spot with a local guide

Now with the help of local tour guide you explore the best points at the Taj Mahal. In the morning better you take the picture of the iconic Taj Mahal from the front and from the royal guest house side where you find the glitter of semiprecious stones with the sunbeams. You also take snaps of the Taj from the garden and making an arch of the trees.

Reflection of the Taj in the water canals

As you move down to the gardens of the Taj you find a pond and water canals with fountains. If you are lucky you find the still water without the playing fountains. Now you can take best shots of Taj Mahal Agra reflection in the water.

Try to Minimize Human Interaction

Though it is very hard to find the Taj Mahal without humans. Of course it is a mockery of the monument of love to see without the visitors, even you can manage taking pictures with less people. You can better use it as an advantage. Take these people in the background and blur them later. You also take some selfies as a worth visit memory.

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Choose Lady Diana Seat for couple Picture

On the central platform you will find a marble bench surrounded by lots of tourist, this is the famous Diana bench, lady Diana when she came on a state visit to the Taj Mahal Agra in early 80’s supposedly sat on this bench for a perfect picture with Taj Mahal Agra as background. You can also get your picture clicked sitting on this famous bench. You can also click a beautiful photograph of the Taj Mahal from the right/left northern extreme corner of the central platform. The Taj Mahal Agra appears very different as clicked from the royal gate platform.

Taj Mahal 2.0

In a recent move around Taj Mahal Agra in a radius of 1.5 kms behind the iconic building no high rises and mobile towers are allowed. This is a great initiate on order to keep the skyline clear. Agra administration has included this point while preparing a master plan of the city. Agra development authority is making a rule for no construction higher than 25 meters in the backdrop of the famed building. This would provide a great panoramic view of the love monument without any obstruction.

Heights of Taj Mahal Towers

The Agra authorities are in the process of reducing the heights of the 50-60 meters tall of towers. The Towers are 4 in number besides there are same electric poles which obstruct the skyline and they are going to be cleared. In the year 2013 a convention of UNESCO experts was held on the topic of the visual integrity of the Taj Mahal. Besides this there is a ban imposed by the archeological survey of India for any construction in 300 meter radius.

This is a great initiation and it would add charm to the beauty of the Taj Mahal and help in getting worth visit memories of the Taj Mahal without breaking the skyline.

Instruction of Taj Mahal

Besides this the authorities have instructed for the removal of other towers. These towers were defacing the beauty of the Taj Mahal. The authorities have put a ban on the new installation of other towers. The steps were taken in order to shift a TV tower which was spoiling the view of the blue skeep in the backdrop of the Taj Mahal. The blue sky add charm to the lofty dome and the towers of the Taj Mahal.

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