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Most Trending Bridal Lehenga Designs of 2022

In light of the advent of 2022, it’s worthwhile to review some emerging trends in Indian bridal fashion, particularly traditional outfits like lehengas. In contrast to many other countries, Indian brides are going for an outlandish bridal look and experimenting with different options. Couples are putting more of their attention on their clothing now that there are fewer budgets allocated for guests and large venues. Meanwhile, brides embrace unconventional styles and fashion. For brides in 2022, there’s much to choose from in terms of trending Bridal lehenga designs, from embellished, OTT ensembles to pastel colors.

Check out our dive into the most popular bridal styles for 2022 if you’d like to get a better idea of what our colorful brides will be wearing this year!

1. Cream Lehengas

 trending bridal lehenga designs, cream lehenga, lehenga choli, chaniya choli, wedding lehenga, ethnic wear for women, designer lehenga choli, bridal lehenga choli, bridal lehenga onlineBrides in 2022 will be able to get something specialized that can be used for their wedding and after-party by using cream. Nowadays, couples are downsizing their weddings to more meaningful and intimate ceremonies rather than the dozen events that used to be part of a wedding. Cream Bridal Lehenga made with gold are generally considered to be the ideal wedding attire due to their elegance, as they can be worn from the wedding ceremony directly into the reception.



2. Red-Colour Lehengas

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Multi-colour is surely a name that brings back nostalgic memories for 1990s kids. Not only does this retro trend have our hearts, but bridal lehengas embodied with this trend look stunning as well. Architects and designers have been leading the way in using this pattern in their work. These multi-color silhouettes are sure to still be popular in 2022 for brides!




3. Trends for lehenga belts

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Keep on trend this season by wearing a kamarbandh with your lehenga. Originally dating back 4000-5000 years, this stunning Indian accessory adds oomph to any bridal ensemble. Besides, it has a number of benefits. You should definitely consider belts as a part of your trousseau. They will hold your dupatta firmly in place so that you can move freely and add a touch of femininity to your look. Diamond belts are even included on sindoori lehenga – so the look has celebrity endorsement and will definitely be noticed.



4. Trails of emotion

Your wedding look can be complemented by a beautiful lehenga trail, no matter what length it is. Nowadays, there are so many designers and couture brands that incorporate such sweeping borders into their lehenga designs. They are all the rage among brides! Hopefully, we’ll see more draping around the lehenga in 2022 and expect the trend to continue.

5. The Ultimate Maroon Lehengas

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The most common colors used for trending bridal lehenga designs at Indian weddings are red, pink, and orange. Traditions, and subsequently the mindset of those involved in wedding ceremonies, have evolved over time. As a result, maroon lehengas have become increasingly popular as bridal wear. White bridal lehengas can be unconventional, but their whimsical touch lets them shine brightest.




6. Printed Lehengas for Weddings

Brides tend to opt for comfort over style, especially when it comes to pre-wedding functions. More and more brides decide to save their fairytale frocks for the big event on the wedding day and choose printed lehengas for pre-wedding events like mehndi and haldi. It does not mean these lehengas aren’t stunning though just because they’re more relaxed. Its off-beat colors and vibrant prints are what tend to captivate us about printed lehengas. In addition, they can be reused a lot post-wedding. We hope that more brides will choose sustainable, printed lehengas for their pre-wedding festivities in 2022.

7. Bold & Unconventional Colors 

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It never ceases to amaze us how beautiful bridal lehengas can be. There are some brides choosing the traditional red lehengas, but there are others who choose completely off-beat colors such as yellow, orange or turquoise blue. The options seem to be endless nowadays. Artistic designers are creating gorgeous designs in unconventional colors in a bid to cater to the new-age bride. It’s not about neutrals, reds, or pastels anymore, these unique colors are what you’ve been looking for!



8. Always shine brightly 

In 2022, brides are likely to prefer shimmer in every form, whether it be mirror work, sequins, or metallic embroidery. In fact, almost every designer and couture brand offer you the option of having a lehengas custom made for you. The shimmering lehenga should top your list of choices for your big day so that you can shine!

9. Creating a princess look requires a lot of can-cans

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Honestly, trending bridal lehenga designs would be nothing without a lot of fluff and style? That’s all due to the can-can stuffed beneath the layers of fabric. You’ll feel like a princess on your big day with this simple net, adding the perfect amount of volume to your Lehenga Choli! With this trend, you will gain an exhilarating effect and be able to freely move about without feeling restricted by the can-can and enjoy the moment. This style goes best with flowy fabrics such as georgette, chiffon, or crepe.



10. An Obsession with Purple

Purple is the Pantone Color of the Year for 2022! Pantone has created a completely new hue for the first time since 1992 and dubbed it the Pantone color for 2022. The glad-tidings hue will definitely catch the eye. Although the shade isn’t exactly the same, we’ve already seen a number of Bollywood actresses wear this pretty pastel shade on their wedding day. We hope to see some more brides embrace this beautiful shade in the year ahead!

11. Embroideries & Pastels

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For the past few years, pastel lehengas have reined king. You can bet it will stay that way for a long time. Embroidered pastel lehengas with floral designs also look spectacular. Especially for their pre-wedding functions, more brides in 2021 are expected to wear pastel lehengas with floral embroideries!


12. Weddings in Dupatta style in 2022

Many brides have opted to either ditch the dupatta completely or attach it to their blouses for an effortless look in the past few seasons. In contrast to this fad, the current and upcoming wedding seasons will be a welcome change. One of the major trends for brides in 2022 will be the dupatta – an embellished, demure, traditional weave. Consequently, draped dupattas that have the form of a shawl or are made of velvet fabric can be an effective method of preventing frostbite during the cold winter months of impending winter weddings. Expect to see a large selection of dupatta styles this wedding season, Shreeman incorporates them in your ensemble for a trendy and traditional appearance.

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