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Social Media Impact on Your Behaviour

With around 3.6 billion users globally, social media  impact is a crucial aspect of today’s culture. People use Facebook for a variety of things now, such as networking, staying in touch with friends and family and relatives discovering influencers, getting fitness advice, finding food recipes, shooting photographs, watching makeup tutorials, learning gardening methods, and many other things.

Social networking has many benefits, but there are also drawbacks. Instagram, YouTube, and even Facebook are some of the platforms where negative consequences of social media are on the rise

A tiny study published in 2018 discovered a link between social media use and eating problems and poor body image.

The study found that due to the social media-promoted beauty norms, disordered eating is fast rising, especially among women in their twenties.

Young women are not the only ones who experience negative feelings about their physical appearance. Social media pressure is also affecting young men.

Many teen guys, according to a New York Times report, feel pressure to bulk up and work out in the gym. Among the causes? so that they can start making their own gym TikTok.

If you’re not careful, social media sites can easily turn into the breeding ground for comparison. It has been said that comparison is the thief of joy.

Here are some ways that social media may be harming your perception of your body and some suggestions for turning the situation around.

Awesome Filters

People want to present their best selves on social media. The truth is that everyone has scars, acne, stretch marks, cellulite, wrinkles, and blemishes in some form. Unfortunately, you don’t often see this on social media, but it’s natural.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans modify their images before publishing them, according to a 2017 survey of more than 2,000 U.S. individuals ages 18 and older.

We notice this frequently with influencers and famous people, and it stands out when people are quick to call attention to a “Photoshop mistake.”

A “Perfect” Body Type

You might notice that there is a particular body type that is now “perfect” or popular on social media.

Humans have a tendency to judge ourselves by the standards of others, so if you don’t have the “perfect” body type that all the Instagram models possess, you can feel inferior. It’s normal to feel that way because everyone does so occasionally.

But it’s crucial to realise that this “ideal” body shape is really a fad. Over the years, “ideal” body types have changed, as you can see by looking at the charts.

Success On Social Media: How To Remain Positive

  1. Stay connected with far-away friends and family.
  2. Build an audience for my writing.
  3. Learn about ideas and people I might not encounter offline, What Role Does Social Media Play for You
  4. Connect with Your Friends in Person
  5. Let Go of the Negative

It’s time to switch things up if the material you are consuming makes you feel inadequate or upset. Here are some strategies for regaining control over social media.

Control Your Feed

Keep track of the accounts that make you happy as you read through your feed and those that make you feel self-conscious. Keep what works, ignore what doesn’t.

You can return to it later if you truly want to read that person’s post. However, it’s time to remove it from your feed if viewing it makes you feel bad about your body image or anything else.

Fill your feed instead with accounts that make you smile or feel strong. You only need to design an alternative experience for yourself on social media, rather than fully cutting oneself out.

Everything Should be Taken with a Grain of Salt

It’s vital to keep in mind that the majority of online content is meticulously controlled when you come across someone’s seemingly “perfect” posts.

While there is no such thing as flawless, there is filtered. Everyone has defects, both inside and out, and you can’t always see them. As you scroll through your feed, keeping this in mind may provide you some comfort.

Look For a Supportive and Healthy Community

You probably aren’t alone in having bad sentiments about your body image that have been reinforced by erroneous social media standards as there are groups everywhere on social media.

Online, surround yourself with people who are encouraging and appreciate your values, not simply your likes and shares.

Today, social media has created new styles of communication for us, which made huge impact on everyday lives of the people.

Social media has brought people with common interests together and expanded the horizon of ideas worldwide. 

The good impact of social media:

  • Because users may express their opinions and collaborate with others, social media can enhance our thinking creativity.
  • People may explore and engage enthusiastically without worrying about being rejected.
  • No one encourages staying up late playing video games, yet social media games may foster interpersonal relationships, raise self-efficacy, and increase cognitive flexibility and self-control.
  • Students can learn from them how to handle achievements and setbacks in the real world.
  • People now feel comfortable moving out because to social media connections with their family, friends, and certain government safety groups.
  • One of the best examples of how social media networking has aided people in locating employment relevant to their interests is LinkedIn.

The bad impact of social media:

  • Face-to-face encounters, which are essential for personality development, socialisation, and communication training, have been eliminated from people’s lives, particularly those of younger generations.
  • Children are struggling to engage with others, which might result in antisocial behaviour.
  • Social media has facilitated simple life comparisons. People have difficulties with self-esteem and depression as a result of being dissatisfied with their existing situation.
  • Social media use has also been linked to online harassment and bullying by anonymous users, which can cause issues with privacy and self-worth.
  • Most research have found that children’s aggressive attitudes and behaviours rise as a result of the violent games on social media.
  • Social media has also been used to promote misinformation and falsehoods online, which has increased the number of violent crimes committed in society.


  • For instance, recent reports of kidnappers on WhatsApp have resulted in the murders of innocent persons in several Indian cities.
  • With the advent of social media, avoiding bad news and its detrimental effects on our lives has virtually become impossible.
  • This may have long-lasting psychological effects, including thoughts of our world imploding, tension, and anxiety.
  • With the advent of internet living, it has become increasingly impossible to avoid bad news and its detrimental consequences on our lives. This may have long-lasting mental effects, eventually leading to worries and tension as well as thoughts of our world disintegrating.
  • While many users believe their information is secure on long-distance communication sites because they have abnormally high security settings, research suggests this isn’t the case.


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