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Social Customs Of Pakistani designer Dresses

Social Customs Of Pakistani designer Dresses

Social duty on Pakistani designer dresses. To put it bluntly, Pakistanis can be divided into ‘Urdu-Wallah’ i.e. those who speak their local language, wear a local dress, and practicing Muslims, and ‘English-Wallah’, who speak English, go to university abroad, Wearing a foreign dress, and secular in appearance. The latter is a small minority. It knows that the country is slowly becoming less tolerant of foreign influences. Society male-dominated and only women in the cities a part of the educated and salary workers. Older men show a lot of respect and no one interrupts them when they talk. Exceptions are modem urban families who have their own house or apartment tend


Most Pakistanis are practicing Muslims and observing Ramadan (Ramadan) fasting which ends with a two-day feast of Eid al-Fitr. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims not allowed to drink, eat or smoke between sunrise and sunset. Expatriates should make sure that those who are fasting do not commit crimes, for example, by giving a cup of tea in front of a visitor or by drinking or smoking in their presence.

Some hotels will only serve meals to guests in their rooms

Muslims do not eat pork in any form and their consumption of alcohol prohibits. Additionally, everything including food and drink only always gives and received with the right hand. Pakistanis whom expatriates meet socially may generally have experience in foreign ways; Nevertheless, guests careful not to appreciate their host’s assets as very strict Muslims forced to present them as gifts.


Many Muslim women wear a heavy veil in full force, especially in the districts of the country and in public. Visitors advise not to take pictures of Muslim women. At present, the country governs the Sharia law of the Quran Sharif. Punishment is strict and caretakers do not violate local customs against foreign nationals. Women opt for Pakistani designer Dresses with long sleeves and longer (below knee length) skirts.

In mosques and other religious places, especially when going out of the way of travel, they should keep their heads covered and wear long dark clothes. If a local home is invited for a meal, it is acceptable to arrive up to an hour late. Families entertain themselves at home without going out for most of the meal. Guests can expect children to ask all sorts of personal questions about their family situation, number of children, size of income, etc.

Pakistani women do not usually shake hands with men

Relationships between spouses are very formal in public and affection between the sexes is not uncommon. Some expatriate women wear long, loose-fitting tunics and local trousers of bag trousers, which is comfortable mainly because it goes against the attention of unwanted men, the results of magazines and films from abroad.

Foreigners can consume alcoholic beverages in foreign international hotels although smoking is not allowed in many public places and alcohol generally prohibited in the country. But foreigners should never drink alcohol in public. Note that fines for possession of drugs are severe – long prison terms and large fines. Drug trafficking is a capital crime.

It should be noted that as a result of the introduction of the Islamic Law Ordinance, visitors and foreign residents in Pakistan should be aware of the heavy fines that can be levied for crimes such as alcohol consumption and public drug use; Import, export, transportation, production, processing, bottling, sale, sale and supply of alcohol and drugs; Sexual offenses; Theft and robbery.

Social Customs Of Pakistani designer Dresses
Social Customs Of Pakistani designer Dresses



My name is Angela Brooks and I am a full-time writer at PakClelation Blog and CO Pakistan. This is a newly launched blog for new fashion trends in Pakistan. Discover the latest Pakistani fashion clothing collection [] Now!

There are different types of classic salwar kameez

Ethnic fashion is full of some dazzling beautiful dresses. But nothing can beat the comfortable and versatile appeal of a salwar kameez. Not so long ago, sari and lehenga cholis consider the finest of glamorous Indian attire, and salwar kameez were considered the most attractive but essentially casual attire. It has come a long way over the last few decades.

Today, salwar kameez is as glamorous and exclusive as any other type of Indian clothing. Much of this comes with the advent of salwar kameez online shopping with designer Indian clothing with authentic.  Online selling portals have really popularized these garments. Given them a loyal customer base in different countries of the world. Today, when it comes to traditional salwar kameez as well as traditional Hawi, online shopping is the main method of purchase.

Here  the different types of salwar kameez that worn in any ethnic dress:

Punjabi suit

It is probably one of the oldest types of salwar kameez, but still, it has been able to attract the hearts of the young and modern generation. The abundance of Punjabi suits online is proof enough of how popular it is, especially for casual wear or everyday wear. Nowadays, they usually come in somewhat fun, more stylish incarnations to appeal to the tastes of modern women. The main appeal of these new and trendy types of Punjabi suits online is that they truly reflect the mentality of the new generation of young girls: they are traditionally colorless, not bold but modern, and not loudly ethnic. One of them and it becomes very easy to understand where the application is.

Anarkali Salwar Suit

It one of the oldest types of salwar kameez because it was first worn by the court dancers of the Mughal court in medieval times. It is a red carpet and runway favorite because of the perfect combination of glamor and traditional theatrical beauty. Most women prefer to get Anarkali Pakistani designer Dresses online because it allows them more access to a wide variety of colors and designs. There is a wide variety of Anarkali dresses available online for women, ranging from heavy designer styles to simple, everyday wear options. However, it is very important to fit in with this type of dress, which is why women should always tailor it to their unique size.

Pakistani shalwar

As the name implies, these are the traditional dresses of Pakistani women. These have a very distinctive look to look at with full sleeves and floor-length for shirts. Regal, elegant, and sophisticated, these are the perfect attire for formal weddings and parties.

The top online stores offer festival fashion, a variety of salwar kameez, Anarkali dress online, and other accessories. The site has a user-friendly interface, where you can purchase ethnic Pakistani designer Dresses online and quickly deliver it across different countries of the world.


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