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Best Holiday Gift ideas for iPhone Lovers

Are you looking to buy a holiday gift for iPhone lovers? Today in this century we all want to do all our work in digital form. So we need some digital gadgets to do all our daily tasks. In the market, you can see a number of gadgets such as AirPod case cover, Smartwatch, car mount, Phone Covers. But the selection of the best gadget for iPhone lovers is too difficult. 

You are reading this blog means you are also in the same situation. Don’t worry we are going to discuss all the top Apple products. It will help you to get the idea to gift iPhone lovers.

Top 19 Holiday Gift ideas for iPhone Lovers:

  1. Apple Watch:

Every iPhone owner wants to have Apple watch so it is truly the best gift for your dear ones. Now Apple Watch Series 5 is the latest version. It can track fitness metrics, record heart rate and parameters related to health. Apple watch is also used by individuals for notification updates. It is really a companion to iPhone.

  1. Waterproof Case:

If you are a swimming lover then you should buy it. Lifeproof Fre iPhone case is fully submersible in water up to 6.6 feet deep for 1 hour. It is completely sealed and has a built-in screen protector and port covers. It is capable of safe your lovable device from entering the water into it.

  1. USB-C-to- Lightning Cable:

Anyone who has the latest iPhone can take benefit from faster-charging speeds. This cable is durable and made with high-quality material. It’s also certified by MFi Apple to be safe.

  1. Screen Protector:

We use our gadgets for a huge part of the day so it is vulnerable to crack or scratch by accident. So it is important to use a screen protector. These screen protectors are available in the market for each model of iPhone. Screen protectors have many advantages such as durable, blue light effect blocking, privacy shield, and also easy to apply.

  1. Wireless Earbuds:

Earbuds offer you high-quality sound and are easy to set up with your iPhone. Today as we are living a busy lifestyle so we all want some high-tech gadget that can work effectively. While running, walking and after getting tired due to work we all want to relax by listening to music. These earbuds pair very easily and never loses the network. Moreover, it comes with a wireless charging case that charges them.

  1. Power or Battery Pack:

No, doubt every year latest iPhone comes with better battery backup but we use our device whole the day. So we need a battery pack. It is a portable device you can carry in your bag from one place to another. Sometimes if we forget to charge our iPhone due to any emergence it is good to buy for charging purposes. These battery packs have good capacity, built-in lightning, and come with micro USB cables. There is no need to purchase a cable from the market. A micro USB cable is best for charging a kindle or wireless headphones.

  1. Camera Lens Attachment:

The newer iPhone has high-resolution cameras. But whenever you want to take pictures of special moments you need these camera lens attachments. This will offer you better picture quality. You can add macro, fish-eye, and wide-angle lenses to your iPhone with Olloclip to take your memorable photos.

  1. Fitness Tracker:

Everybody wants to be fit today so this fitness tracker helps you to track all the parameters of your health. It is really an excellent gift for an iPhone lover who wants to stay fit.

  1. Car Mount:

Many a time when we want to go from one location to another we don’t know the path. Also, we don’t use our phones while driving so we need to use a car mount. It is easy to put on the car’s air vent. You can set any angle to see all directions properly. All the iPhones easily adjust to fit on a car mount.

  1. Wireless Charging Lamp:

Charging lamps are available in all shapes and sizes in the market. These wireless lamps have also the feature wireless charging. It has also charged with a cable because it has a USB port at the back. You can use it as a reading lamp and phone charger. They have five color temperature modes and seven brightness levels that you can adjust as per your need.

  1. Touch Screen Gloves:

In the winter season, there is an issue to put our hands out of gloves. Due to this, we can’t able to use our iPhone so you should use touch screen gloves in colder climates. They are available in many colors and hand sizes in the market. 

  1. Photo Printer:

We all want to save our memorable moments in the form of digital or physical. For sharing physical pictures with our friends and cousins we need a photo printer. It is a portable gadget that provides you high-quality photos on special paper. You can take a 3-by-4.5 inch size that you can easily share. Lifeprint’s printers can communicate with each other easily.

  1. Expand Storage:

Today we all store want to store huge data and high-resolution pictures. While doing important work if your iPhone storage is running out it is so irritating situation. To expand your storage by using SanDisk’s iXpand Flash Drive that solves the problems. These problems are such as storage and transfer of photos and data from your phone to your laptop. This drive has regular USB-A which can fit in most laptops. It is very useful for extra photo storage.

  1. Apple HomePod Mini:

You can welcome Siri into the whole home using Apple HomePod mini. It has a speaker that integrates with any Apple Homekit device.

  1. A Popsocket Grip:

We all prefer to buy large-screen iPhones but while using their screen is vulnerable to damage. These handy grips stick on the back of most iPhone cases very easily. It also provides excellent grip while watching videos.

  1. Bluetooth Speaker:

This speaker has the stylish look and massive battery which can last long for 20 hours of playback. Most people use this speaker at home with Iphone.

  1. Twelve South PlugBug Duo Superchargers:

The supercharger is used for backup for all owners of the newest as it has so many charging slots. You can charge iPhone, iPad, and MacBooks.

  1. Apple Gift Card:

A gift card is really the best gift for your loved ones when you have run out of ideas. This gift card covers all accessories such as products, apps on the App Store, music, movies, and even iCloud. Anyone can send Apple gift card via email.

  1. Band for Apple Watch:

If your friend is already using the Apple watch and wants to buy the new band. Then this gift is also best for your dear one. There are available in many designs and colors in the market. You can select the best one from a wide variety of collections.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoy the blog reading and get some useful stuff. After reading this blog you are able to select the best gift for iPhone lovers. There many iPhone accessories are available in the market but the selection of the best gadget is difficult for everybody. So we have discussed above all useful Apple accessories. If you select the best one and plan to buy then come to the Esource Part website. You can get huge discounts on such as AirPod case cover, Apple Smartwatch, Phone Covers and many more. 

Thanks for reading!

Share this article with your loved ones. These best 19 gadgets ideas help them to gift their near ones who are iPhone lovers.

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