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Simple Tips on Moving Furniture

Are you currently in London and contemplating on getting a removal company to help out? Have you been stuck with thoughts about how to move your heavy furnitures without any damage? Worry no further, as we are here to fix that.

When moving your furniture to your new home, you will need all the help you can get from extra hands. If you have limited funds, you could still complete the move with some assistance. This will take a lot of planning efforts, time, but the following outlined tips will help you get prepared for proper planning and organisation.

  • Prepping the furniture 

    As you commence the moving process, it is necessary to evacuate your furniture items and get them organised ahead of the day of the move. Ensure that you remove knobs, mirrors, chairs, cushions, or any other delicate material, etc., and get every piece of furniture ready for moving. This makes the furniture lighter and easily movable. Apart from this, it also lessens the risk of damaging the surfaces of the furniture pieces.

  • Tying up the sofa 

    You may be asking why it is necessary to have the sofa tied up. Well, it is best to have the cushions removed to make moving less stressful and more convenient. You can make use of a thick rope to tie the rest if you feel it is necessary so that the bed frame remains intact. If you feel this is not really necessary, then you may not bother removing the cushions from it. Simply wrap it and complete the move. The downside of this trick is that it makes it harder to wrap with the cushions around.You will need to carefully hold the cushions in place to ensure it is securely attached to the bed frame so as to prevent it from causing hindrances while moving through the doorway. It will be an added perk for you if your doorway is really wide to properly accommodate the cushion without much ado.

  • Moving the furniture on sliders 

    If you need to be able to move your furniture more comfortably, then making use of sliders will be an excellent choice. They can easily be purchased in any hardware or furniture store. Making use of sliders in moving furniture offers protection to the sensitive surfaces of the furniture and shields them against scratches or damages. A bunch of rags could be used in place of sliders too. However, you will most likely not want to consider using that in place of sliders to guarantee the safety of your furniture.Note that the safety of your furniture is essential as you won’t want to shed out extra cash cause you got your furniture damaged in the packing process.

  • Making use of dollies 

    When you have to move very large furniture, it becomes very difficult because of the size and weight. In situations like this, a dolly would be very useful to move it around. Using a dolly makes it so much easier to move every furniture piece irrespective of the size. They provide a faster and easier means to roll your furniture pieces into the moving van without causing any damage to them. If you are unable to get dollies, you don’t need to worry. Dowel rods would be equally suitable for the task.Be careful when using dowel rods so that they don’t scratch the floor. Some people would rather not make use of dowel rods because of this. However, if you are sure you will be careful enough, then they would be a great alternative. If not, you should consider using something else.

  • “Walking” your furniture 

    Lastly, this is one tip to help you handle your moving task more conveniently. This is recommended for short distances because it can be pretty weird doing this at longer distances. You can carefully tip the furniture from side to side while you walk from the house to the vehicle. You will need the help of at least 2 people to do this so that there will be at least one person to watch out for any potential disaster along the moving path.

Resorting to this will be very difficult compared to the other approaches on this list. You should consider this option as the last when other options are not feasible as it is the least favourable. You may also consider man and van London to help you move instead.

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