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Facebook is a great way to socialize with people without being physically present with them; it majorly initiated the friend-in online culture, virtual chat room, sharing photos or videos, and socializing. It is a social media platform that introduced virtual connections by offering features such as sending friends requesting, sharing thoughts, creating events, chat with friends, and much more. Facebook created a community and eventually gained over two billion active users making it the largest social media platform. Every day while surfing through Facebook, we come across posts or photos that we wish to save so we don’t lose them, but Facebook does not let you save or download images. In such events, screenshots come in handy. Though you cannot download or save a photo or comment or post on Facebook, you sure can take their screenshot to save on your device. This blog will teach you about Facebook screenshot notification and how to take a screenshot.


You can take a screenshot using your Smartphone and your computer. Once you know how to take a screenshot, we shall move on the Facebook screenshot notification policy. Below are the instructions to take a screenshot using all three methods?


Taking a screenshot on Facebook using a Smartphone is an effortless task. It doesn’t take more than just a few seconds. Find below the steps to take a screenshot using your Android device.

  • Open the Facebook application on your Android device and login into your account
  • Go to the story/photo/comment that you wish to screenshot
  • While the desired content is on the screen, press and hold the volume down and power button simultaneously
  • Release the buttons when you hear a shutter and see a flash on the screen
  • The photo automatically saves to the gallery

To answer your question, does Facebook report screenshots taken from Android devices? No, it does not.


Like taking a screenshot on your Android device, taking a screenshot on your iPhone is just as effortless. Below are the steps to capture a Facebook screenshot using your iPhone?

  • Open the Facebook mobile application on your iPhone and open the content you wish to screenshot
  • Press and hold the power button and the home button until you hear a shutter sound and see a flash on the screen
  • The screenshot will automatically save to the gallery

Does Facebook report screenshots taken from iPhone? No, it does not.


Taking a screenshot on a laptop or computer can be slightly tricky, but it will still do the job. Please follow the steps mentioned below to take a screenshot using Mac or Windows device.

  • Open the Facebook webpage and log in to your account using the correct credentials
  • Go to the content you wish to screenshot
  • For Mac, press the Command, Shift, and 3 (number) keys simultaneously
  • For Windows, press Windows and Print Screen keys simultaneously
  • Paste the picture on MS Paint or Paintbrush and save it to your device

Using these steps, you can quite easily take a screenshot on Facebook without having to worry about Facebook screenshot notification. 


Facebook is a comprehensive social media platform with billions of active users. It is compatible with all operating systems; iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows meaning that it is accessible using your android Smartphone, iOS Smartphone, laptops, or computers. Since it is available on all, it is technologically challenging for Facebook to notify screenshots. So, does Facebook report screenshotsNo, it does not. Facebook hasn’t released this feature yet and doesn’t seem to have plans to do so either. You can take screenshots on Facebook without the other users knowing.

Other social media networks like Twitter, Instagram, and Linked In do not give out notifications when someone takes a screenshot, too. On the contrary, Snapchat does notify the account owner if a screenshot is taken. So you do not have to worry about Facebook screenshot notification because they do not exist.

Since it is possible for you to take a screenshot on Facebook without letting the users know, other users can take a screenshot of your profile. To avoid people taking screenshots of your content, you can tweak your privacy settings and limit the audience to your friends only. You can do this by going to your Facebook account’s settings. You can find the steps to change your Facebook account’s privacy setting in our other blogs.


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