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Sexual harassment is been adopted from vishaka judgment and it includes any unwelcome act or behavior like physical contact request for sexual favors making sexual colored remarks like showing pornography and so on.

Basic motives of prevention of sexual harassment of women at workplace act of 2013 provide complete protection against women if she is been harassed or feels the signs of sexual harassment she could immediately report to the complaint committee. Sexual harassment of women at workplace act, 2013 provides a redressal of complaints of sexual harassment and a violation of rights takes place under this sexual harassment. Majorly article 14 for the right to equality, article 15 for the right to a life full of dignity, and article 19 for the right to practice profession come under this act of the constitution of India.

Section 3 is one of the basic and important acts made for this sexual harassment. Sexual harassment against women at the workplace and if it is connected with any act or behavior of sexual harassment, in this circumstance there may be few promises to preferential treatment, the threat of detrimental treatment, interface, humiliation, etc., this situation may affect the health or safety of the women and this act can be stated as sexual harassment.

As we all know the Posh law which aims at prevention, prohibition, and redressal of sexual harassment of women at the workplace. The law requires every employer with more than ten employees to set up an internal complaints committee to investigate cases of any sexual harassment at their workplaces. The law also required the employer to conduct employee sensitization programs, workshops, awareness for the employee as per the Posh law. Employers also need to have a posh policy in the workplace. Sexual harassment at the workplace is an offense and amounts to discrimination and violation of fundamental rights guaranteed under the Indian Constitution. Penalties for non-compliance can lead to a fine of rupees fifty thousand cancellations of business license and liquidated damages. It can also lead to low employee morale, decreased productivity leading to reputation and revenue loss.

Posh training is very important to familiarize all employees with the favorable and unfavorable attitude at the workplace. To create a working environment where all the members of staff have behaved toward the importance, courtesy, and respect. Posh training for employees is required to safeguard our safety from any victimization or retaliation. We should encourage the reporting of behavior that violations the sexual harassment policy. Mainly this training is important to sensitize managers to maintain the company as equal as they can with the opportunity given by the employer and refrain from any favoritism. This training helps in providing an effective procedure for complaints whenever it is required or needed. It also helps to make all the employees aware of the procedure or the knowledge about how to register a complaint, if the employee is faced with sexual harassment or sees the sign of an encounter of any harassment issues at the workplace.

Sexual harassment is not just a women’s issue. Men, women, or transgender at any level in the workplace hierarchy may be victims or harassers. Your responsibility to act should be equally enacted both when you feel harassed or when you see someone else being harassed you also need to assess your personality traits while your behaviors and mannerisms may seem most appropriate to you there is every chance that you may be causing unrest and feelings of harassment for others or someone else. Sexual exploitation at work erodes the trust and safety between co-workers this is necessary for a productive workplace. Everyone has the right to work in a workplace that is free of sexual harassment if you understand what is sexual harassment and how an incident has the power to rip off an individual and an organization will help you to be a responsible employee in preventing it at the workplace. As we know that sexual harassment is taken place in many forms such as verbal, non-verbal, physical, visual, or social. Sexual harassment type can be categorized as quid pro quo and it is a Latin word meaning something for something or this for that this can be stated of exchange of benefits it is been translated with the literal meaning it infers I will give you this if you give me that were this refers go employment benefits and that refers to sexual favors and it can also mean if you don’t give me this I won’t give you that.


Summarizing the above information we have understood what is sexual harassment, which can be primary things or can be an inappropriate touch, or a physically touching, or an unwelcomed act like hopefully hugging and patting so on. These problems can be solved by an internal complaints committee at the workplace or a local complaints committee at the district.

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