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Water Pressure Reducing Valve for your Apartments

What are the reasons why I need a pressure reducing valve? This is a common question rises to anyone’s mind. When we suggest him to inspect the pressure reducing valve which is already installed in their building. Many complaints about water pressure tend to come from the other end of the scale. So reducing the pressure in your plumbing system seems counter-intuitive. If the water just trickles out of your shower head instead of forming a strong stream. Your system has low water pressure. The problem can be caused by a number of plumbing issues, such as leaks and blocked pipes.

In some cases, high water pressure can put an undue strain on your home plumbing system, and this is where pressure reducing valves come into play.

Why Is My Water Pressure So High?

This is another question generally people are asking. So let’s clear the air. Your municipal water supplier is primarily to blame for the high water pressure in your home. In high-rise buildings, the supplier often boosts the water pressure in order to reach all floors as well as outlets such as fire hydrants.  

As a result, you may find that your home has higher water pressure than it needs to function properly – with some measuring over 100 pounds per square inch. Your system can be significantly damaged if the pressure rises above 80 psi. 

How Do High Water Pressures Affect Your System?

In addition to damaging your system, excessively high water pressure can also negatively affect water-dependent appliances. Your home’s entire water system can be significantly reduced in lifespan due to leaks, flooding, and broken appliances. 

High pressure can also lead to a high water bill since it leads to more water flowing through your fixtures than necessary. Reducing your water pressure will not only save you money but will also make your home environmentally friendly. 

water hammering

The sound of banging in your pipes after turning the water off or at the end of your irrigation cycle is an indication that the water pressure is too high. Whenever water shifts direction suddenly or stops abruptly, it makes a noise known as a water hammer. During this process, a shock wave travels across your pipes, causing them to rattle and make contact with each other. 

How Does Pressure Reducing Valves Work?

The pressure reducing valve is a device that reduces the pressure of water traveling into your home through the main water line. As a result, your plumbing system will experience a lowered pressure before entering the system. It has an internal spring and diaphragm that the water must travel through, causing resistance.

As a result of its ability to adapt to sudden pressure changes, the valve is a great feature. The diaphragm and spring automatically restrict your water flow when pressure suddenly increases since they are set for specific water pressure. 

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In a home built after 1980, a pressure reducing valve will most likely have already been installed. However, this type of valve only lasts for about 10 years, so contact your local plumber to inspect it and replace it if necessary. 

As a matter of course, you will need to call in a plumbing expert if your home was built before this period in order to get their advice on installing a pressure reducing valve. 

What Is My Water Pressure?

To learn if you have high water pressure, use a pressure gauge to take a reading. 

If you need assistance, you can contact local plumbers for assistance or purchase a water pressure gauge from your local hardware store. 

For The installation of a pressure reducing valve in your home, call the plumbing experts. While a pressure reducing valve can be installed by yourself, it is not an easy task if you lack experience. Choosing a valve is not an easy task because of the wide variety. Knowing where to install the device on the water main line, and the manual process involved. 

Count on our plumbers who provide the highest quality services. Performed by trained professionals, backed by a commitment to customer satisfaction. Installing a water pressure reducing valve can be done by a DIY’er with a little time and effort. However, it’s a lot more than just shutting off the main, cutting the pipes, and adding a component. If you want the job done correctly, you have to make sure you use the right valve and install it properly. It’s also important that it is done by someone qualified, so your home and contents insurance remains valid.

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