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Sexologist Doctors In Jaipur For Penile Rejuvenation

Sexologist Doctors In Jaipur For Penile Rejuvenation

Shock wave therapy is an entirely non-invasive procedure that involves producing a series of low-energy acoustic wave pulsations delivered directly to an injury through a person’s skin through a gel medium.

The idea and technology initially emerged from discovering that concentrated sound waves could break down the gallstones and kidneys. Generated shockwaves have proven effective in treating chronic conditions in a variety of scientific studies.

Extracorporeal Shock wave therapy is the treatment for a lingering injury or discomfort induced by illness. With it, you don’t need painkillers-the therapy’s goal is to stimulate the body’s natural healing response.

How does it work?

Li- ESWT works by using massive, expansive, acoustic pressure waves to enhance the cellular functions of living tissue in the penis, including cell formation, cell differentiation, cell migration, protein synthesis, mesenchymal stem cell migration, stimulation of new blood vessel formation, and growth factor release. The effect is increased blood in the penis resulting in erections that are bigger, harder, and more permanent.

Sexologist doctors in jaipur will work with you to determine the area of concern and add a gel-like substance to the process improvement area.

The affected area is pushed onto an electrode, and the shockwaves are transmitted through the skin. The skin’s impulses are transmitted as a shockwave, which spreads as an aspheric ‘radial’ wave within the affected/ injured tissue. These radial shockwaves cause an inflammation-like reaction in the injured tissue being treated, which stimulates the body to respond naturally by raising blood circulation, blood vessels, and metabolism in the damaged tissue.

The shockwaves are felt as pulses that are not painful but a little unpleasant. Your first treatment will usually start with low intensity and increase this to a point where you feel relaxed. Usually, patients are treated in an ambulatory setting (not in theatre), and the procedure does not require any form of sedation or anaesthetic.

Treatments in shock-wave therapy are usually undertaken at weekly intervals. It takes about 20 minutes for each therapy session, and you can need about three treatment sessions (possibly 5 for resistant problems).

How does it work?

After shockwave therapy

Sexologist doctors in Jaipur state that many patients report an almost immediate improvement in the symptoms while others take several weeks to respond. You may observe the area being reddened or swollen, with some patients feeling a slight rise in pain. An overall gain will take several weeks to see. Your referring GP or surgeon is recommended to revisit you at 6-8 weeks to determine your overall improvement.

How many sittings are required?

Depending on the nature of the Erectile dysfunction (IIEF 5 SCORE OR EHS SCORE), 6-12 therapies can be used anywhere. Taking more medications is no benefit because this procedure is entirely less discomforting and without side effects.

How are Li- ESWT and Viagra, Cialis, or other ED Medications Different?

There aren’t expensive prescriptions or pills to try to take with Li- ESWT. For Li- ESWT therapy, there are no adverse side effects as with oral ED products. Li- ESWT can be used in men who can not take oral ED medicines, such as heart diabetes, disease, or high blood pressure. Li- ESWT can also be used to treat Peyronie’s Disease, which is not possible with Viagra and other oral ED medications.

Benefits of Penile Rejuvenation Therapy

  • Better Orgasms
  • Increases Sensation in the Penis
  • Increases blood flow in the penis
  • More Spontaneous Erections
  • Improves Sexual Performance
  • Enhances Erections

What Are the Pros and advantages of Li- ESWT over Other procedures of “Male Enhancement”?

The Penile Rejuvenation Therapy is unlike other “Male Enhancement” procedures because of these reasons:

  • The Li- ESWT protocol tackles the root cause of ED-inadequate blood flow.
  • It is a simple procedure in the hospital. treatment only taking 10-15 minutes
  • Are drug and surgery-free
  • Provides long-lasting results with no downtime
  • It is entirely non-invasive and has little or no known adverse effects.

Who needs Penile Rejuvenation?

Sexologist doctors in Jaipur state some conditions in which Penile Rejuvenation is helpful:

  • Men with Erectile Dysfunction. Li- ESWT has shown itself to be a safe and successful alternative therapy to Viagra and other oral ED drugs. Li- ESWT has actually shown to increase sexual performance, with none of the harmful side effects!
  • Men suffering from Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome or Chronic Prostatitis. Chronic nonbacterial prostatitis, also known as chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CP / CPPS), is long-term pelvic pain and urinary symptoms without bacterial infection. In only 3-4 sessions, Li-ESWT has been shown to be effective in such diseases.
  • Men with Peyronie’s Disease. It has been shown that Li- ESWT is a drug-free, Operation-free way of breaking down the scar tissue and of the penis curvature characteristic of Peyronie’s illness.
  • Men Seeking Male Enhancement. To gain from Li- ESWT, you don’t have to be suffering from ED or any other medical problem. If you want to do your best and please your lover as you might never have before, Li- ESWT will help you in the long run!
  • Patients suffering from Frozen Shoulder, Tennis elbow, and Plantar Fasciitis. For more than 20 years, Li-ESWT has been proven effective in the treatment of such problems. Their specialist team of physiotherapists determines the procedure for such therapies.
Who needs Penile Rejuvenation?

Are There Any Side Effects?

Sexologist doctors in Jaipur state that as such, there exist no side effect in the majority of the cases but, Shockwave therapy should not be used if there is a disease of circulation or nerve, cancer, bone tumor, or bone metabolic syndrome.

Often, shockwave therapy should not be used where there are open wounds or tumors or in pregnancy. People who use blood-thinning drugs or have severe circulatory disorders may not be eligible for treatment, either.


There are many problems that keep our world on rocks if not solved. Issues related to the penis are such problems. If they are not solved on time, they have the ability to drift the couple apart!

Though men usually shy away from discussing these things with the doctors. Sexologist doctors in Jaipur say that you must consult them for the issues as soon as you feel you have them as they have a solution that can keep you and your partner happy and keep the life smooth and problem-free.

Dr. Chirag Bhandari at IASH Jaipur is a fantastic doctor who knows how to work efficiently while making the patient feel at ease. If you want the solution to your concerns, visit IASH for the effortless solutions and complete care.

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