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SEO Tools: Best SEO Tools for Check Our Website Performance

Best SEO Tools

SEO tools are crucial for evaluating your site’s performance and health. Whether you want to check your site’s performance in search engines like Google and Yahoo or identify relevant quality backlinks, perform keyword analysis or competitor analysis, all these can be done efficiently and quickly with the help of SEO tools.

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Here is a list of the best SEO tools available online:

Google Analytics: Google’s free analytical program is very popular and widely used by entrepreneurs as well as site owners. It provides a rich user experience with great functionality like tracking and location on the map, analytics integration with Google content network, and advanced reporting capabilities.

Google Analytics is extremely useful for analyzing different aspects of your website and provides comprehensive details on visitors, search engine hits, and page views. You can even set Google Alerts to send you an email when certain keywords or terms are searched.

This is a great SEO tool that can be used to learn more about what people search for, when and where they search, as well as what keywords and phrases bring in the most traffic.

Keyword planner: The free tools provided by Google include the Keyword Toolbar, the AdWords Previewer, the Word Tracker Toolbar, the Webmaster Analytic, the Universal Keyword Filter, and the AdSense Preview.

All these provide analytical reports of how people search for your keywords. In addition, these reports show you the number of searches for each of your selected keywords and also the average cost per click for your ads.

You can use these reports for making relevant modifications to your ad campaigns. You can get even more information from Google analytics by registering for their paid services for greater SEO analysis and marketing tools.

Link Popularity Checklist: Among the vital SEO tools that you need at your disposal is the link popularity checker. It is imperative to analyze and check the quality of the links pointing to your website. You have to analyze and check on the existence of the anchor texts used for your selected keywords. Moreover, you need to analyze and check the number of incoming links for your site and the number of outgoing links for your site.

Backlink Checklist: Another completely free tool provided by Google is the Backlink Check. This tool allows you to check on the existence and quality of backlinks for your selected keywords.

It gives you the option to create new backlinks and check the existing backlinks for your selected keywords. It is one of the most important aspects of SEO analysis for getting high search engine rankings.

As you can see, there are a lot of free tools available for keyword research and analysis that are provided by Google. These tools will help you gain insights on which keywords are most popular and in demand.

There are several SEO keyword planner tools that you can avail of. But, if you want to get the best tools for SEO analysis and search engine optimization, it is highly recommended that you go for paid tools such as those mentioned above. It provides comprehensive information and guides you step by step.

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