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Romania is more than Dracula, Vampire, and Vlad Tape

Dracula. Vampire. Vlad Tapes. If there is one thing that cannot shake Romania, it associates with these bloodless characters. Of course, the journey here should probably involve a bit of this dark side but it is far from being the only ‘attraction’. In fact, it owes a lot to visitors who are ready to look beyond the ordinary and explore its modern, urban avatar. If you are one of the few rare breeds of people who like to cut loose from the pack, you will be surprised how far it has gone beyond its past. Book your United Airlines flights tickets now.

Seeing the Danube Méndier through the green covered cliffs or standing guard of the mighty Carpathians on the horizon will take your soul away. Strolling through the busy streets of Bucharest and Instagramming gorgeous pictures while tapping your feet to trendy tunes in the Old City and Nomad Skybar will leave you feeling vibrant and energetic.

Feel your souls come alive

Nothing old, dark place that shivers your spine. Rather, having hotspots where drinks flow freely and food tantalizes your palate. Old City, with its stylish décor and accent lights that will put you in the mood for a photo. Where live music makes your senses racing and becomes the order of the night. NOMAD is the sky bar that indicates industrial chic with expert contemporary style. Where tasty cocktails get your pulse and DJs aim to swerve you.

After visiting the country’s many trendy hotspots during the day, there is nothing like winding up in one of Romania’s super cool bars and clubs. The best thing? Busy cities like Bucharest are incredibly safe, so late-night walks are completely possible!

Say ‘hi’ to Shopaholic in you

Half the fun of traveling is shopping, most shoppers would say, and when you take a look at the shopping centers of Romania you will also agree. Entering AFI Palace Kotrakaini is like stepping into a spectacular place, full of sights and sounds to thrill you.

Of course, you can’t really wind up your shopping spree without splurging on some folk art items, can you? This is the reason why the very quaint museum of the Romanian peasant gift shop cannot be missed because it will take you on a short time trip in the past. Local crafts that whisper the ancient arts of the bygone days and national costumes that give a glimpse of the traditional side of Romania are perfect memorabilia to take home. You will pay attention to them one day and remember how magical your experience was in this land of old and new.

The ‘You can’t be sad in the middle of a big, beautiful river’

Jim Harrison said it and got it right. There is something about water that draws you towards it. You feel that your troubles have gone away and hopes and dreams seem closer to your fist. The possibilities become endless and you find yourself being born anew. Europe’s second-longest Danube river calls you. It speaks to your heart and forces you to explore it.

The king of European rivers is not just a body of water; It opens up a world of green with rocky cliffs and sees ancient ruins transporting you back in time. The Bridge of Trojans, which was the longest vaulted bridge ever and the Topolanita cave with its vast number of galleries will leave you supernatural. You will marvel at the mysteries of nature and the simplicity of man. You probably also want to get something else along the way to catch your eye (such as the rock sculpture of Desbalus that brings the mighty gates of argon at to mind). It is the desire in your heart for the adventure that makes the Danube one of the most breathtaking rivers.

Meera Cemetery!

There are no graveyards for everyone. It may be unnecessary to be in the presence of the dead. Well, in Sapanta, Romania, it is a complete experience and one that will surprise you if you are in a cemetery! Here, death is not a dark, hooded figure that revolves around you in a big way. Instead, death is a time of happiness and is just one step to a better life. The colorful mausoleums at Mira Cemetery will elevate your mood and the fun epigraphs will tickle you. You may feel a craze reading the mysteries of the dead, some of which have made their way to the cross!

There is no place like my cemetery where Stan Ian Patras created a unique world for the dead with his funny poems, painted crosses, and folk art. It wants to leave a part of you that the world can see an event, the way the people of Sapanata did.


Land of myth and legend, quirks and humor, urban lifestyle and nightlife. Such a mixed pot of aspects attracts the attention of every discerning traveler. Next time you want to be swept away with wonder, check out your sights in this South-Eastern European country. You’ll wonder why you never put it on top of your travel-journey and will be planning a second trip before the first one is over!

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