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Rigid Paper Box With Velcro Closure

Rigid boxes are basically made of strong cardboard covered with printed and embossed paper,

Rigid boxes are basically made of strong cardboard covered with printed and embossed paper, leather or textile covers, the hard boxes provide an excellent blend of product protection and perceived luxury. Generally larger than foldable cartons, rigid boxes made of thick board 36 to 120 dots covered with printed paper cover
Velcro can be an ideal alternative to magnetic closure for custom hard paper boxes. It is cost-effective and looks professional. This article is about a Velcro closure hard paper box that we made for Our clients. The rigid box resembles a sliding bag with Velcro closure to hold A4 documents.

Custom rigid paper box with Velcro closure.

1 cm diameter Velcro closure white colour
Velcro is usually available in white, grey and black. The diameter can be in different sizes, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm. Velcro closure is safe, which can hold the leaves well inside.

Close Velcro rigid box

Velcro has different dimensions and colours for the steel box
The custom steel box works like a slip bag. You can pass the A4 sheets inside and close them with a Velcro seal. Easy to assemble and use. Also, the hard box has a shiny outer layer, which makes it easy to get rid of dirt, marks and stains.
Glossy silver grey print on the outside.
The 3mm thick box is very durable and sturdy. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of paper boxes in China, Shanghai DE Printed Box is a leading Chinese manufacturer and supplier of custom paper boxes. If you have a custom paper box, please feel free to contact us for a quote.
This is Our duty to fulfil you’re requirements and expectation towards the boxes and you feel like worth it trusting on our brand thank you for your support feel free to contact us .

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