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Top Airport Perimeter Fence Lighting

If you are in charge of the management of an airport, it can be common to worry about maintaining the security of the place. An airport’s security is even more complicated than other properties due to its size and other logistical and topographic factors. That being said, there are specific steps you can take to ensure that your property’s security is well take care of. The best way to secure an airport perimeter is by installing perimeter outdoor security lighting designed to illuminate the airport’s border. CAST Lighting offers premium perimeter security fencing that can adequately illuminate the border of an airport in a low cost, low maintenance, and low voltage solution.

Why Install Perimeter Fence Lighting In An Airport

The installation of perimeter outdoor security lighting can be done on an airport border to offer more excellent illumination for the security personnel. Perimeter security lighting uses powerful LED bulbs as the primary defence source against intruders, with the lighting offering heightened transparency and visibility. Once perimeter fence lighting has been incorporated into the airport’s border, it will become easier for the security to take care of the property. Additionally, the heightened transparency will mean that the airport will require fewer human resources to protect the airport against intruders and trespassers.

What CAST Lighting Offers To Its Clients

CAST Lighting is a market leader in the industry of perimeter fence lighting. They have worked with diverse clients in several industries, including military, government, education, and prisons. This experience has allowed CAST to master its craft, offering highly compatible and feasible solutions. CAST can offer all the security solutions to all types of properties, presenting satisfactory solutions against unwanted intruders.

Why Work With CAST

CAST Lighting aims to understand the needs of its clients to offer them ideal perimeter fence lighting solutions that meet all the security needs of the property. For CAST Lighting, the primary deterrent against intruders and trespassers is light, offering enhanced illumination and visibility to make life easier for property managent security personnel.

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When you decide on purchasing a perimeter lighting setup, you can run into challenges set by the needs of a property. You may have issues regarding the compatibility and feasibility of the lighting setup with your property’s needs. It can be a challenge to find flexibility in a perimeter lighting setup. CAST Lighting eliminates these problems by offering a feasible and compatible security setup. CAST lighting emphasises ensuring flexibility in its products to provide the perfect outdoor security lighting setup that meets all clients’ requirements.


Flash Glare By CAST Lighting

If you are looking to enhance the security on your perimeter, your setup must meet all the requirements set forth by your property. Most standard security systems offer common security components such as cameras, motion detectors, and lighting. These components do an excellent job of deterring intruders. However, they are still passive. That being said, in case you are looking to fight against intruders and trespassers actively, Flash Glare is perfect for you.

Flash Glare is a compatible and feasible feature integrated into third-party security components such as cameras and motion sensors. If you are looking to elevate the security level of your security setup, Flash Glare is the perfect solution for you. Perimeter fence lighting is the core component of most security systems. However, the lighting alone isn’t enough to defend your property against intruders. That being said, you can turn your passive security setup into an active format by integrating the Flash Glare feature. Flash Glare collaborates with the cameras and motion sensors on a system and perimeter lighting to fight against intrusion.

Flash Glare’s Compatibility

If you are setting up perimeter security outdoor lighting, you need to consider the equipment required for your setup. And as we mentioned above, you may run into issues regarding the compatibility between the various components. For example, if you want to set up a comprehensive security setup that includes lights, cameras, and motion sensors, you will typically run into compatibility issues.

That being say, you will have no issues with the compatibility of different elements with CAST Lighting and Flash Glare. Flash Glare is a high compatibility feature that can integrate into a perimeter fence lighting setup with no issues. Once Flash Glare is combine with your security setup, it will work alongside other security components to protect against intruders and trespassers. The high compatibility of Flash Glare also means that once you have incorporated it into your security system, it will automatically offer protection against intrusion. Flash Glare will automatically provide protection without the need for human intervention.

The Mechanism Of Flash Glare

Under normal circumstances, the perimeter security lighting setup is in sleep mode, meaning the lights are off. The lights remain turn off until or unless the motion is detected. Once an intruder trespasses on your property, the motion sensors and cameras will catch them and send a dry signal to the Flash Glare feature, triggering its activation. After activation, Flash Glare will emit light cycles in the intruder’s direction at intervals of 1 to 2 minutes. This will lead to the distortion of the intruder’s vision, leaving him disoriented and forcing him into retreat.

The high level of performance offered by Flash Glare is the active stance it takes against intruders. Unlike standard outdoor security lighting setups, Flash Glare automatically detects intruders and trespassers. Also, Flash Glare works automatically, meaning that the authorities will not need to be involve, making the life of security personnel easier. Additionally, the Flash Glare feature offers a non-lethal solution against intrusion and trespassing. The lights emitted by Flash Glare only temporarily distort the vision of intruders, making sure there is no lasting damage done to them.

Installing Perimeter Fence Lighting At Airports

The installation of perimeter security lighting and the Flash Glare feature by CAST Lighting can offer the ideal solution against intruders and trespassers. The use of traditional security methods comes with many disadvantages due to the system’s shortcomings. However, with CAST Lighting, you will never have to worry about such defects, as the automatic mechanism of this feature will eliminate human intervention, offering automated security to the airport.

CAST perimeter  Lighting can offer low cost, low voltage, and low maintenance perimeter fence lighting for airports. Similarly, Flash Glare will offer non-lethal protection on the airport perimeter with a flexible and feasible solution. for more article click here



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