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Rebecca Netflix | 2020 | Watch or Not?

Rebecca Netflix 2020 | Complete Honest Review

In this article we’re looking at Netflix film Rebecca Cast, Reviews, Collection and Much more. So without wasting time let’s see Rebecca Netflix full movie.

Rebecca is a beautiful thriller movie. The flow is really good & the movie is unpredictable which carries all the suspense with a great ending. You have to pay really close attention to the movie not to miss a thing.

This is such a good watch. I would totally recommend if you like movies with mystery and movies that get you wondering and thinking. So without wasting time let’s see complete information about Rebecca movie Netflix.

Rebecca movie Netflix Genres, Cast, Plot, Director, Production –

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Genre: Mystery, Drama, Romance

Release Date: 16 October 2020

Languages: English

Director: Ben Wheatley

Producer: Pavel Bercík

Writer: Daphne du Maurier

Rebecca movie Netflix Cast –

  • Lily James as a Mrs. de Winter
  • Jacques Bouanich as a Taxi Driver
  • Marie Collins as a Guest with Dog
  • Ann Dowd as a Mrs. Van Hopper
  • Kristin Scott Thomas as a Mrs. Danvers
  • Armie Hammer as a Maxim de Winter
  • Jean Dell as a Restaurant Maitre D’
  • Sophie Payan as a Restaurant Guest
  • Pippa Winslow as a Mrs. Jean Cabot
  • Lucy Russell as a Mrs. Clementine Whitney
  • Bruno Paviot as a Terrace Maitre D’
  • Stefo Linard as a Terrace Waiter
  • Tom Hudson as a Hotel Bellhop
  • Jeff Rawle as a Frith
  • Ashleigh Reynolds as a Robert
  • Bryony Miller as a Clarice
  • Tom Goodman-Hill as a Frank Crawley
  • Ben Crompton as a Ben
  • John Hollingworth as a Giles

Rebecca movie Netflix Movie Rating –

40% Rotten Tomatoes

6/10 IMDb

Rebecca movie Netflix Review –

There’s an unwritten rule that don’t mess with the classics, you don’t remake the films of Kubrick, Billy Wilder, Michael Powell, and you don’t go near Hitchcock.

But Rebecca is not a remake; it is another version of Daphne Du Maurier’s novel, and one with a very different feel and focus.

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While Hitchcock’s film is a gothic mystery, this new version, directed by Ben Wheatley and out now on   albeit one taking place in the shadow of a potentially devastating secret.

That said, I don’t want to want this to be a comparison between Rebecca’s, I’m just reviewing the film in front of me.

At first glance this seems a thoroughly atypical film for the director of Sightseers and A Field in England, particularly the idyllic early scenes, bathed in gold, but when newly married Mr and Mrs DeWinter return to his country home of Manderly.

The story quickly becomes suffused with a tension and unease that is squarely in Wheatley’s wheelhouse, and is as well-handled as you would expect.

Here, the colour has drained from the film stranding Lily James’ Mrs DeWinter in the cold emptiness of the house, constantly reminded of her predecessor, the late Rebecca DeWinter, whose name is everywhere she looks and whose presence is represented physically by housekeeper Mrs Danvers,

‘I keep it just the way it was.’

A stellar performance from Kristin Scott Thomas in what is the most memorable role. ‘Welcome to Manderly’

The film looks great, it builds the tension and the threat very effectively, ‘It’s your word against Rebecca’s’ and no other story does the ghosts of past  relationships better than DuMaurier’s, taking something that we’re all probably familiar with to some degree and making it a source of menace.

The cast is great although, and I know I said I wouldn’t do this, I did feel that Armie Hammer lacked the bruised intensity of Lawrence Olivier. ‘I don’t want to hear another word about Danvers.’

The film does occasionally succumb to the indulgences of period drama, but that’s what it is, and I do hope that it finds that audience on Netflix, because it’s not you might expect from Wheatley and people might be afraid that he’s gone in and torn up the genre and he hasn’t.

It’s less stately than say Merchant Ivory and with more handheld camera, but I’d still call it quite a classical piece of filmmaking and it’s great to see such an idiosyncratic director adding another string to his bow.

I don’t think it’s faultless, it never quite swept me up the way a great film can and the momentum did stall for me, but it’s still an enjoyable and a very well made film.

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Frequently asked questions regarding to Rebecca movie Netflix.

Does Netflix have Rebecca movie Netflix Movie?

Yes! The original Rebecca available on Netflix?

Who is director of Rebecca movie Netflix?

Ben Wheatley

Is Rebecca scary on Netflix?

Lots of people asking for Is Rebecca a horror movie? Actually there is some parts are scary on movie.

Where was Rebecca filmed?

Rebecca was filmed in Cranborne Manor.

Where can I watch the original Rebecca movie Netflix movie?

Rebecca movie currently streaming on Netflix you can watch it from there.

How long is the movie Rebecca movie Netflix?

2h 1m Rebecca movie Netflix /Running time.

Conclusion of Rebecca movie Netflix–

Rebecca movie Netflix gets 7 out of 10. Let us know in the comments below and tell us what you thought of Rebecca movie Netflix.

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