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COD Mobile Apk How to play on PC with keyboard and mouse

COD Mobile APK is a mobile game that can be played on a PC with emulators. Thanks to that, we can take the opportunity to play this shooting game with keyboard and mouse, enjoying it as one more game on the computer. Mind you, we all know how difficult the process of configuring buttons can be.

In this article, we show you how to get GameLoop, change keyboard and mouse settings, as well as sensitivity. At the end of the guide, we share a simple configuration that you can use to play COD Mobile Apk with a controller.

Step one: download and play on GameLoop

To have the best Call of Duty Mobile experience on PC, we advise you to use GameLoop, the emulator created by Tencent Games. It will provide you with the best default control settings for the keyboard and mouse. Download GameLoop here .

Get CODM on GameLoop

The game may be installed automatically, after starting the program. If not, after opening GameLoop, you should go to “Game Center” and search for Call of Duty Mobile. Once downloaded and installed, you can enter the game with the “Play” button, within the “My Games” menu.

With this step, you will have the GameLoop emulator ready and the game fresh out of the oven. Now it’s time to configure buttons!

Second step: set up the keyboard and mouse

When you first enter Call of Duty Mobile with the emulator, it will inform you that the controls have been automatically configured for keyboard and mouse play. The reason is that Tencent Games has given full emulator support for the game.

That includes some benefits, such as the multifunctional “F” button for picking up weapons, opening doors, entering a vehicle, and other functions. Never disable that button! Another advantage is that you will feel as if you are playing Activision’s Call of Duty on PC because all the controls have been perfectly adapted to the keyboard and mouse.

In the following image you can see an example of the default button mapping:

Keyboard and Mouse Controls in GameLoop - Call of Duty Mobile

To resolve any doubts you may have, let’s review the most important controls for Multiplayer:

  • WASD: move the character.
  • Left-click (bullet symbol in the image): shoot.
  • Right-click / Right-click: put the eye in the crosshairs.
  • CTRL / Control: this button will be used to switch between controlling the mouse pointer and the sight of the weapon.
  • A: reload the weapon.
  • Space / Space bar : jump.
  • C: crouch down.
  • 1 and 2: This allows you to switch between your primary weapons.
  • Click with Scroll Wheel / Mouse wheel: switch between your main weapons.
  • 3, 4, and 5: Activate Unlocked Radar, Drone, or Missile by Kill Streak.
  • G: equip the grenade.
  • Shift (does not appear on screen): the sprint.

You should know that if you play in Battle Royale mode, the interface changes a lot, but don’t worry! The same GameLoop emulator has also automatically configured the controls for that mode. For that reason, your best option to play Call of Duty Mobile on a PC is to use this emulator. With others, you don’t have that facility!

However, if you want to change the buttons, you can do so at any time.

Enter GameLoop CODM control settings

You just have to press the emulator button (marked in red in the image) with the mouse and a control customization window will open. You will see that you can switch between keyboard and mouse, in addition to configuring your controller. Not only that; You can also switch between settings for Multiplayer and Battle Royale mode.

Whenever you want to change a button or add a new one, you need to click on the screen in the corresponding place. Be careful, you can’t repeat buttons!

Third step: adjust the sensitivity

Another important part of the game is adjusting the sensitivity parameters. Unfortunately, you cannot modify these parameters with the emulator, something that you can do in other emulators such as LDPlayer. Therefore, you must do it from the game options.

Adjust CODM sensitivity

If you go to Settings> Sensitivity, you will see quite a few sections that are worth taking a look at. The most important is “Sensitivity programming” since it gives you three different sensitivity settings: Low, Medium, and High.

It is useful that you try all three in different games, but we recommend that you modify the values ​​according to what is more comfortable for you. If you don’t like moving the mouse too much to aim, turn up the sensitivity. If you prefer maximum precision, even if you have to move the mouse more, lower the sensitivity.

Although there are other features that you can modify, the other important option is in Settings> Basic. In the first section, there is the “Help when aiming” function. If it bothers you that the scope is moving by itself or you want more control to do many headshotsfeel free to deactivate it.

Play with a controller in GameLoop

We mentioned earlier that GameLoop allows you to configure the controller for Call of Duty Mobile. Keyboard and mouse control indeed have many advantages, but if you love to play with a gamepad, you are in luck! The counterpart is that you will have to configure from scratch.

With that in mind, we have done a basic mapping of controls for an XBOX controller:

GameLoop CODM controller controls

In your gamepad settings, make sure to activate both joysticks so that you can move the character and aim the weapon. You must place the buttons in the exact places that we show you, or it will not do the corresponding function.

Next, we tell you what function each button does:

  • Joystick R: aim the weapon.
  • Joystick L: move character/sprint.
  • RT: shoot.
  • LT: put the eye in the crosshairs.
  • RB: equip the grenade.
  • LB: crouch down.
  • X: reload the weapon.
  • B: switch to secondary weapon.
  • A: jump.
  • Y: pick up a weapon from the ground.
  • Down, Left, Right / Down, Left, Right: Activate Unlocked Radar, Drone, or Missile by Kill Streak.
  • Start open menu.
  • Back: open score table.
  • Right joystick key / right joystick button: open map.

If you are dissatisfied with the controls for the keyboard and mouse or the controller, we advise you to enter a game against the AI. You will have enough time to reconfigure the controls and test them without fear of destroying the game for other players. Good luck on the battlefield, soldier!

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