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Property Pest Control in Brisbane During the Australian Summer

Summers are no doubt beautiful and comfortable but this season doesn’t only bring wonderful weather as well as sunny beach days to us but also a lot of pests. Summertime is the sole season in the Australian calendar where the pests are most active. This happens due to the weather that heats up and becomes the ideal thriving ground for pests to search for their food as well as reproduce. It simply means that you will be able to come in contact with them a lot more than in comparison to wintertime and so only a good company specializing in property ticks control Brisbane in the outdoors as well as indoor management is needed.

In this article, we are going to breakdown the summer pests that you need to keep a close eye upon as well as the ways how you can do their prevention and avoid them. So let’s get started!


The name itself induces scares to us and just to think that this is the season where the snakes become much more active. However, in contrast to popular beliefs, most snakes actually do not live out in the bush. They also like to hang out in the places which would be quite shocking to hear that is, around your garden and your home, which will give them a safe shelter and also an abundance of food. These slippery fellas have the habit of moving around, looking for great places to live and obviously food to eat. There are 27 kinds of species of land snake in Brisbane area. Just imagine, the Eastern Brown snake or which is also called the Common Brown snake is the world’s second most venomous land snake and is very easily found in the suburbs of South Eastern Queensland. You might have a high risk of coming face to face with this venomous being so if you have any kind of snake problem in your house don’t risk it. Contact a proper pest control company for property spider pest control brisbane who also help with snakes. We will offer you professional snake removal services. They are equipped with licensed snake catchers who are highly skilled professionals possessing multiple years of experience and are on call for every snake emergency, throughout the day, all through the week.

The snake removal and relocation can be provided by professionals through proper identification services, advice on how to reduce the risk of snakes around your home and the workplace, accessing the snake hazards as well as the entry points of the snakes into a building and comprehensive first aid information for any kind of snake bites be it venomous or non-venomous.

General Pests

Australian summer with its warmer weather is an ideal time for the general pests to get active and move about freely. Some of the general pests include:

    • Cockroaches
    • Fleas
    • Ants
    • Spiders
    • Termites
    • Other pests
    • Silverfish
    • Bird
    • Lice
    • Fleas
    • Ants
    • Bed bugs

And many more!

In case if you have a general pest problem like a bird infestation, then you must call these pest control management companies who specializes in Property bird bug pest control brisbane today and shall stop worrying immediately. They will send skilled technicians to your house or your office as soon as possible to resolve your pest control issues immediately. These technicians that they send are specially trained and know what is the safest as well as the most effective solution suitable for any bug or insect problem. They have decades of experience in working under all these circumstances, no matter how challenging they are, is the speciality of these companies and that is the reason they can ensure you help no matter how large or small your problem might be.


These pests are always on the lookout for better food sources and shelter where they can build their nests and stay safely.

The Brisbane residents are quite unfortunate because usually in their attics or other cozy places inside their houses which are warm in nature, possums often select to stay. It could be frustrating to live under the same roof. These critters are out of control beings and have the bad reputation of chewing everything like electrical wire, tender, furniture and even appliances which causes great difficulty and expenses. Their droppings and urine, which could be anywhere that they have walked on, can pose serious health risk threats. The local specialists in property pest control brisbane should be contacted. Most of them possess decades of experiences in the relocation and removing of these cute however persistent marsupials.

Bed Bugs and Ticks

These blood-hungry pests come to your property easily through travelling inside your bags, clothes or any other things but it is very difficult to get rid of them.

Only a professional company which specialises in property ticks pest control brisbane can help you in this case and offer a solution that is affordable as well as highly sustainable, ensuring that bedbugs to be removed from your property and not return.


Hiding behind your furniture, cushions, beds, appliances and even dishes might be cockroaches. Not only do they create a nuisance but they are extremely unsanitary beings to have around and can cause some real chronic diseases, especially if you have a child in your house. It is a known fact that getting rid of cockroaches is a very cumbersome task and only contacting services dedicated solely for property flies pest control Brisbane can effectively help you in this regard.

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