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Do You Know How Electric Boilers Work

How Electric Boilers Work?

They are the boilers that consume electricity to produce hot water and heating. They are classified into two groups, according to the power to be developed in hot water and heating, which can be 220v single-phase current for those that require less power or 380v three-phase current for those that will develop more power.

Higher performance

Likewise, if we think about the main characteristics that electric boilers can present, in principle it can have assimilation with what the operation of gas boilers is, especially because they fulfill the same purpose, they serve both to make their air conditioning process such as heating for sanitary water although it is its components intended for an operation that differs in a certain way. For example, in the case of standard electric boilers that are used for when we need the cold water entry and hot water exit mode, then, for this, it is essential to have a minimum installation that responds to free connections or to ventilated systems or not.

In addition, its performance is possibly one of the least polluting among all the others. What is also presumed, upon learning about some of its characteristics above, that it becomes the most suitable device, and as in some cases it does not require ventilation, it is possible that it does not waste the heat it emits, and therefore, higher performance is obtained than any other type of boiler.

Advantages of electric boilers

One type of boiler that has become very popular among users is electric boilers and this has a reason that is related to the many advantages that electric boilers offer. As you know, electric boilers can be installed both in private homes and in commercial premises and industrial buildings.

The water is heated by means of electricity and it is achieved by this means to give heat through radiator systems, underfloor heating and even to obtain sanitary hot water. With electric boilers, you avoid any inconvenience with gas leaks, pilot leaks, and the most fearsome, carbon monoxide poisoning due to lack of adequate ventilation or a malfunction of the boiler due to lack of maintenance.

In addition, electric boilers provide models with very varied powers and capacities, in addition to aesthetics, to be able to adapt to the needs of users. An electric boiler can be installed in any place where there is an electricity supply and the cost of an electric boiler will depend on the power of the boiler and the value of the electric energy of the place where we live.

According to known data, the performance level of electric boilers reaches around 90 and 100%, which implies a great advantage for the environment and for our economy. And this has to do with the fact that for optimal operation, electric boilers are regulated by a thermostat that maintains the expenditure of heat energy at the necessary level. That is why many users when choosing a boiler, are inclined to buy an electric boiler.

Basics about the electric boiler

As we have just mentioned, these types of boilers are those that consume electricity to produce both hot water and heating. Depending on the power they develop in both hot water and heating, they can be of two types:

  • Single-phase current (220v), require less power
  • Three-phase current (380v), for which they will develop more power

In terms of functions, they are similar to gas boilers, since both serve the same purpose. Although it is its components that differ.

In terms of performance, it is the least polluting among the types of boiler that exist. That is, it is one of the most suitable for our homes since it does not require ventilation and it is possible that it does not waste the heat it emits, therefore, a higher performance is obtained than other types of boiler.

Advantages of the electric boiler

These types of boilers have become very popular among users because they offer a variety of benefits and advantages. Not only can they be installed in private homes, but they can also be located in industrial buildings or commercial premises.

As we have already said, the water is heated thanks to electricity, through radiator systems to obtain sanitary hot water.

Electric boilers provide different powers and different capacities, depending on the needs of each consumer.

This type of boiler can be installed anywhere we find electricity supply, and its cost will depend on the power of the boiler and the value of the electrical energy of the building in which it is located. Electric boilers are regulated by a heat energy thermostat to the required level. They take into account both the ambient temperature and the external temperature.

Said appliance will work longer at the minimum power, performing fewer off and on operations. This provides savings in electricity consumption. In addition, the temperature at which the boiler drives, the water heating circuit can be regulated according to the outside temperature.

On the other hand, they have a modulation. In other words, an automatic adaptation of the power required for the heating needs of the installation.

This type of boiler has a life of over 30 years. Taking into account the useful life of the device, the price is lower in relation to this concept. On the other hand, they do not need to carry out supervision like those that gas boilers may need.

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