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Parquet Flooring: Benefits and Types

Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring is a type of wooden floor that can either be nailed down or glued to the sub-floor. It was designed as an affordable option for replacing marble or stone-type floors. Parquet blocks are manufactured in standard sizes that fit into any room design. Making them aesthetically pleasing and easy to install. They are available in various woods, stains, widths, and colors. Most people love the look of parquet flooring because they are beautiful when installed correctly. But few understand how to take care of this particular type of wood flooring. This guide will help you make sure your beloved parquet is protected against damage from everyday use by family members and pets who walk across it daily. Best Parquet Flooring available Online.

5 Benefits Of Parquet Flooring

Parquet Flooring-Dubai
Parquet Flooring

1. Easy to Clean and Maintain

They are especially popular in kitchens where spills can occur often. But they are also frequently installed in the dining room or bedroom areas of the home. Spills wipe right up with a soft cloth dampened in warm water when there are solidified spills like jams or jellies on your parquet flooring. Spots that have seeped into the wood’s surface can be removed by applying a little dish soap directly to them then wiping it away with a soft cloth moistened in warm water again.

2.  Affordable to Install

When it comes time for new flooring installation in your home. They come in various widths and sizes. Making them aesthetically pleasing instead of the same old square or rectangle tiles. You can choose to install them in your kitchen or dining room area for an elegant look. But keep them out of the high traffic areas like the foyer by opting to cover those spaces with carpeting.

3. Great For Busy Homes

Parquet flooring is great for busy homes with dogs and children because it will not scratch or dent easily even when you have things like dog claws or open-toed shoes running across your floors every single day. Larger stones and wood boards like ceramic tiles can scrape and dent easily if they’re walked on too much. But parquet floors are protected thanks to their smaller ’tiles’ that fit together tightly against each other. Even if a corner of one ’tile’ breaks off (it won’t because parquet is glued and nailed down to your sub-flooring). The rest of the tiles will hold together and protect your floor.

4. Large Varieties and Designs

Parquet flooring comes in a variety of colors and shades, making them easy to match with any existing furniture or design theme that you already have to go on in an area of your home. Install them in your foyer since they are water-resistant so you can vacuum them easily without fear of ruining their special surface. Which is also scratch-resistant thanks to their tight installation system. You do not even need to add additional sealants or coatings when you get them installed other than whatever has already been used on the factory flooring.

5. Stylish and Modern

Parquet flooring is a beautiful addition to any home because it will last a long time due to its strong wood core surrounded by cork and then protected with a hardwood veneer that can’t be penetrated from solids or liquids from spills, scratches, or even dog claws. It’s treated to prevent water damage which makes it great for high traffic areas of your home like the kitchen and foyer. But also comes in various colors and stains so you can match existing furniture or designs already going on within your rooms. Installing parquet floors is an investment you won’t soon regret because they’re both durable and affordable when compared with other types of solid wood floors on the market today.

Parquet Flooring In Bathrooms

It is a common question that many people have asked. Especially those who wish to change the floor of their house. Will parquet flooring work in a bathroom? The answer is no. Here are some points as to why it won’t work.

Parquet flooring works with a thick underlay on top of which it is laid down. However, bathrooms require more from their floors than being waterproof and being able to withstand water damage from baths and showers. Humidity causes the problem as it can cause swelling of wood or warp wooden boards so they become unusable. Though there are parquet tiles out there that are humidity resistant. You will be better off not installing them in the bathroom to avoid any problems later.

The other major reason is that parquet flooring does not hold very well on wall-to-wall installations. It requires a strong adhesive and an even stronger underlay to hold it properly and securely which makes your life easier while laying it down. However, when you install it on walls. You will notice that there are gaps from where one board ends and another begins which can be unsightly. In fact, the only way to avoid this problem is by opting for engineered wood flooring.

Types Of Parquet Flooring

Home Parquet Flooring
Home Parquet Flooring

The most common type of parquet flooring is V-groove. The interlocking shapes create a colorful and artistic effect when installed. There are so many parquet designs that can be created with its various colored blocks making it one of the most popular types of wood flooring available today. Designs range from traditional to contemporary or even rustic. Parquet floors have been around for centuries, although they haven’t been as widely used until more recently due to technological advances in manufacturing processes and materials used.

Care And Maintenance

You should keep your family’s safety in mind before purchasing any type of wood flooring including a parquet. Because they all require regular maintenance to protect against scuffs, scratches, and other damages which can ruin the look of your floor. As a rule, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, and taking care of your wood floors by performing regular maintenance is a good place to start. Parquet floors should be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth and dried immediately after cleaning to avoid water damage from staining the wood.

Flooring Repair

dents or scratches on parquet flooring can easily be repaired by sanding down the damaged area and refinishing the entire surface with matching stain. If you do this correctly, there will be no evidence that the floor was ever damaged if done by an experienced professional who has experience in repairing different types of wood flooring including parquet and other exotic species such as Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring.

Flooring Installation

You need to take into consideration that parquet flooring is different from other types of wood flooring. As far as installation goes because it requires specific tools and adhesives which are not compatible with regular finishes such as polyurethane or wax. In addition, the sub-floor must be perfectly flat, smooth, and completely free of any obstructions. So that the tiles can fit together tightly when installed correctly. If done properly, a small amount of expansion space should be left between the edge of one block. And another so that they can shift within a certain range without chipping or cracking. When choosing your parquet blocks for installation you should think about where the main traffic areas will be in the home. So it’s important to be aware of the overall layout before making any decisions about where to install your parquet flooring.

Floor Coating

Wax is not recommended for use on parquet floors because wax can cause damage when it starts to wear off and begins to build up over time. However, some people like using wax on the top of their wood flooring for added protection. You should consider using products that are specifically designed for parquet floors. Such as urethane or polyurethane which will work well with this type of hardwood. Because they create a hard finish that won’t peel easily under pressure. From heavy furniture or foot traffic areas generating friction against the surface. In addition, you can add an extra level of protection by applying a coat of oil to the floor. With linseed or tung oil if you want to go this route.

Felt Pads For Flooring

You can use felt pads or non-skid tape on parquet floors to ensure safety in high-traffic areas. Where accidents are more likely to occur. This is also true for stairs leading up to your second floor or any other area. That has significantly higher foot traffic than other areas in the home. Where less wear and tear occurs. You should never use adhesive felt pads because they can leave residue behind which will turn into sticky glue when it’s hot outside. Making them useless at preventing slips and falls in the future. The best kind of pad for parquet flooring is the peel and stick variety because they are easy to install. Don’t leave residue behind when removed and you can use them on almost any type of flooring.


You should take into consideration that parquet floors will wear out over time with regular use. Especially in areas where people walk often like entryways. If you live in a climate area where it snows during wintertime temperatures drop below freezing. Your hardwood flooring is exposed to water damage which can cause warping or discoloration even after just one season. In addition, exterior elements such as humidity from the rain along with hot sun exposure can affect your parquet flooring. If it’s not protected correctly by finishing materials designed for the toughest conditions found outdoors.


Many people feel that parquet flooring is difficult to install and that’s why they don’t consider it as an option for their home or business. The reality of the matter is that you can hire a professional who knows how to properly install parquet flooring. If you aren’t up for doing this type of project yourself.

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