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Computers and Technology

Now With Ease, You Can Buy Computer Parts Online 2022

If you want to buy computer parts online and live in South Africa. In that case, we must start our search from reputable online retailers with a wide range of computer parts and accessories product listings, easy-to-use filters, and user-friendly UX/UI.

We know finding a computer part is complicated as it’s a different category and may not be searched under the head of computers, electronics or computer accessories. Most online retailers selling computer parts usually lack the search filter that can quickly identify the computer part you are trying to find based on product part name or brand name. It will become time-consuming and frustrate the online shopper when researching computer-related parts details.

If we search one by one in a typical way, all websites use filters that are not specific to the computer part name, as parts have a product code but are not part-specific or compatibility specific. Every computer part may not be compatible due to technical specification differences.

We need a solution for searching computer parts on product part name, brand or store all in one so that we can find the product first that we are looking for secondly, we also know prices of the same product sold by all other stores with different price tags.

As stated in survey report, the global personal computer market is from $182.79 billion in 2021 to $198.26 billion, and it will grow in 2022 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.5%.

The growth will be due to the companies rearranging their operations post-COVID-19 impact, which led to the remote working concept and outsourcing model and social distancing that resulted in operational challenges. As a result, the PC market will reach $264.46 billion in 2026 at a CAGR of 7.5%.

Demand Generation Tools Are Helpful During Product Searching:

All websites use various demand generation tools based on customers’ preferences, using tactics like web insights, social media marketing, content marketing, lead nurturing, lead scoring, and inbound marketing.

Once you start searching for the product on any search engine, you will go through a value ladder that will ease your product-finding process by showing you various product offers related to your search. In addition, free promotional items or special discounts will create interest to trigger your buying process and keep you inclined towards searching for the best deal available.

Landing On The Best Deal Available:

Every online retailer tries to reach out to potential buyers before you can find them while searching for the best deal for the available product with a reputable online retailer. Everyone will try to come to you first. Once you put keywords for the search, every online retailer will try to engage you with a better value proposition than the competition on all digital platforms.

Whether you buy computer parts online, all online retailers are trying to compete with one another to prove their services, product assortment, and prices to be better than the competition. 

fastcart homepage

Demand Generation Tools Saves Your Time:

Every time you put keywords in the search engine bar like electronic stores in South Africa and start navigating websites or using preferred web addresses to look deeper into the product category. 

The demand generation tools many reputable websites use will bring the targeted online traffic towards the product they want you to see. Once you start searching on the internet, move from one website to the next until you find the right deal for the product that you are looking for at the best rate. 

Social Media Engagement Will Help Your Search Process:

The internet browser and social media engagement platforms are all data-driven technology platforms collecting data to drive demand. The competition is increasing using better and better demand generation tools to drive online traffic using the internet with better-personalized content targeting the potential leads utilizing a search engine and social media platforms.

Top Websites Are On Top Of The Webpages:

The time you spend searching on the internet browser to look for relevant and the most reliable websites to shop. All other search engines and google is also trying to build a more intelligent system for providing more relevant and quality content and showing the most related website that will offer better value.

Google Is Empowering Its Users:

Once you navigate and compare product prices online, you share vital data with google. The objective of any search engine is to take you to the right marketplace, website and information needed with minimum effort. By understanding your needs and keywords used with a unique algorithm, google keeps on upgrading so that you can find better and more valuable content that will satisfy your requirement in the minimum possible time.

That is part of machine learning and data science used by data gathering throughout the online buyer shopping journey. The data used and collected by the google database in real-time is a continuous process. Google is trying to empower users with the right content that might be more relevant and unique based on the data collected from your current and past digital body language and browsing history.

Is Google Shares Data With Third Parties?

Google starts collecting data once we initiate a search sequence and browse various websites one after the other. Similarly, google is sharing this data with all its partners and third parties based on the consent you gave to Google at an earlier stage to share your browsing data.

The benefit you will get by accepting cookies for all the recently visited websites and using Google to share your data will help you get the best deals from third-party data users. In addition, they will send you product promotions that you might be interested in by reading your past browsing history. You will get promotional offers and emails by bringing deals, converting and influencing your interest.


Among many websites that are trying to help online buyers to buy and search with a user-friendly UX/UI, this is still a time taking process every time we open a website. We would like to see more and more websites selling the same product at a lot lower price.

The Online shopper’s biggest concern is to save time and energy and find a one-window solution if that exists. Looking at this need of the online buyer, FastCart – buy computer parts online is a marketplace that has identified this need and developed a simple, user-friendly interface of the website, which is easy to navigate, and look you can search from 60 different stores in one place and one UX/UI.

The search filter lets you choose the product you are looking for or brand and then list all the stores selling the same product with variable prices with customer ratings to decide what is best for you.

But this is not all you. Once you select any product and add it to the compare option, it will remain there so that you can continue your search back and forth. In addition, once you open the compare tab, it will have all products on one page to compare with each other side by side with specification details underneath. 

It helps the online shopper decide and save a lot of impossible time in the simplest way possible. To save yourself from going through any hassle and getting confused once you keep on searching one by one all websites we can rely on searching buy computer parts online to start our journey for a better way of navigation.

So if you want to stay safe, you can visit FastCart to look for the product based on your need and budget. You can use a reliable marketplace to search all computer-related products sold by many authentic South African stores with options to compare all items to decide which product is best for you.

Once you decide on the product you intend to buy, it will let you choose all price options and worth over 60 reliable stores to choose from and post-purchase reviews of all buyers to make your decision process easy.  

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