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Food and Drink

Make Refreshing Coolers With Carbonated Drinks!

Nothing can freshen you up as much as a glass of carbonated drink. Carbonated drinks are a hot favorite of the market due to a variety of reasons. Though most of the time, a carbonated drink’s bottle is enough to rejuvenate you, you can also think of making the drink all the more refreshing. Many carbonated drink exporters and manufacturers make flavorful drinks that are quite refreshing. However, you can certainly make tastier coolers using the carbonated drinks as well.

Listed below are a few of the top recipes to make flavorful mocktails using the carbonated drinks:

  • A glass of Mint Mojito

Mint Mojito is an utmost favorite of many. It is an extremely rejuvenating drink which is made using mint or mint essence. Making a glass of mint mojito using the carbonated drink isn’t that tough of a job. All you need to do is, add a few drops of lemon in a glass carbonated drink. You may want to add mint essence in that glass too. Therefore, basically, all you need to make a refreshing glass of mint mojito is; a glass of carbonated drink, mint or mint essence and lemon!

  • Strawberry Flavored Carbonated Drink

Flavored carbonated drinks are a preferred choice of the people. Especially, the strawberry lovers can’t resist this absolutely amazing strawberry flavored drinks. To make this drink you will need either fresh strawberries or strawberry essence. You can add strawberry essence in a glass of carbonated drink. Along with that, you may even like to add a few drops of lemon to it too. Make a jug of the drink, add a few cubes of ice and serve this amazingly homemade refreshing drink to your guests!

  • Spiced refresher

How about the glass to spiced carbonated refresher? Add a punch of spices to a glass of carbonated drink to make a fulfilling glass of spiced carbonated refresher. You can add spices like cumin powder or ‘chaat masala’ to the carbonated drink to make a satisfying refresher. One of the best spices to add in the carbonated drink is pink salt. Pink salt will surely add a punch to the glass of your cooler! However, don’t forget to make the cooler more refreshing by adding a few cubes of ice into it.

  • Ginger and Lemon based cooler

Are you a fan of ginger? If yes, then you would fall in love with ginger and lemon-based cooler. To make this fantastic drink, you would have to take a glass of carbonated drink. Then, add a ginger juice along with a few drops of lemon to the drink. The carbonated drink will absorb the flavors and impart them to every sip. Therefore, if you want to enjoy something unique and rejuvenating, try out this cool ginger and lemon-based refreshing drink. Make sure you take a chilled carbonated drink to make a glass.

  • Cranberry flavored carbonated drinks

Cranberries are a favorite of many. If you want to go for something tangy, then add a few cranberries in a glass of carbonated drink. You may even plan to add more flavors to it, along with cranberry.

Listed above are a few of the recipes of making a carbonated drink based refreshing mocktail. Although, apart from the recipes listed above, you can try out something different and unique too. Probably with orange, mango, etc. However, you will need carbonated drinks to make the cooler, so make sure you buy from a reputed carbonated drinks exporters or manufacturers.

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