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Know how Serverwala’s Japan Dedicated Server Fastens Website Speed

The website speed is a very important factor for growth over online platforms. It helps you develop a positive impression over the visitors and improves the Search Engine Rankings. While if your website takes a higher loading time, your visitors are more likely to switch to your competitors.

So, what’s the solution? Well, for faster speed you need a powerful web hosting platform. The Shared or VPS Server can only help when the traffic is low, at peak times the load time rises due to limited resources and lots of users. On the other hand, the Japan Dedicated Server provides unbeatable speed due to its powerful resources and an independent environment. 

The Dedicated Server Hosting Japan provides ultra-fast speed no matter whether the traffic is high or low. This article has gathered detailed insights into Dedicated Server Japan’s importance for a faster website speed and why Serverwala’s Japan Dedicated Server Plan is the best.

How the Website Speed and the Japan Dedicated Server are Connected?

Whenever you visit a website, basically you access the files stored on its server. So, the amount of time a website takes to load it depends on the server’s agility. If you choose, the Japan Dedicated Server this process will be faster while the ordinary servers will take excessive time. 

Also, every action you take on a website, a complex code runs at the backend to show you the desired results. You must have been through the websites which keep on loading for ages, it’s primarily because the website’s Server takes a huge time to process these codes. Usually, the websites using a shared network with limited resources face such issues. 

Moreover, if your website has large multimedia files, including videos and images, it will need the Dedicated Server Japan running at the backend. A cheap server will take a very high time to load these files.

What is the importance of Faster Website Speed?

We have discussed above, in brief, a few points indicating the importance of Faster Website Speed. Let’s understand some more points in detail about the need for fast speed –

Poor User Experience

A good user experience is key to long-lasting relations with the customers. Contrary to it, a poor user experience will spoil your reputation. So when someone visits your website, they must be welcomed with good first impressions. A poor loading speed will completely spoil it. 

If you are using a Shared Server the website will be slow during high traffic. So, if you are planning to launch a Sale or an Offer while using the Shared Server, then it’s a bad idea. Your server can’t handle the high traffic load. You should switch over to the Japan Dedicated Server to provide the best user experience and excellent first impression.

Website Visitors are Impatient

The website visitors do not have patience, they have multiple options other than you to choose from. So, if your website is taking more than a few seconds to load, the visitor will most probably leave your website and click on the other options available in the search results. 

Do you know the 3-second rule? It says that if the site takes more than this time to load most of the visitors leave. So, if you continue using the Shared Server most of your potential customers will leave due to slow speed.

While the Dedicated Server Hosting Japan will enhance the speed with its data-center-grade resources, high uptime, and no sharing.

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Improved SEO Rankings

For the past few years, people have started searching on Google every query they have. So,  either shopping for a product or looking for a service, most people perform a Google search first. And, if your website doesn’t appear in the top results the customers are most likely to choose your competitors. Various factors impact the ranking, but a common factor that is usually ignored is the website speed.

A slow-running website can never rank on top. You need blazing fast speed for that. Hence, the Dedicated Server Japan helps you in achieving robust speed with its exclusive and fully-upgraded server assets.

Higher Lead to Customer Conversion Rate

If your website provides a good user experience with an excellent loading speed your website will start attracting more visitors. An increased number of quality visitors will ultimately improve your conversion rate. So, by deploying a Dedicated Server you will able to achieve a significant rise in revenue.

Hence, a faster website will ease a lot of problems you face with your business and customers. But to achieve that you need to invest in better hosting service from a reliable provider. Below we have highlighted the details about the Japan Dedicated Server Plan by Serverwala. 

How Serverwala’s Dedicated Server Hosting Japan will help?

Serverwala provides a reliable and Cheap Dedicated Server Japan plan essential for your website’s speed and performance. It is loaded with all the necessary features required for improving the speed and experience.

A Brief about the Company – Serverwala

Serverwala Japan Dedicated Server Plan

Serverwala is a global web hosting company with thousands of customers located all over the world. It provides various hosting services, i.e, Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server, Reseller Hosting, etc. They have also won various awards by Host Advice, Rising Star,, for their top-quality services and premium support. Serverwala believes in providing the best web hosting solutions to its customers at affordable prices.

Features of Dedicated Server Japan for Super Fast Speed

Below are the features of Dedicated Server in Japan provided by Serverwala –

  • Exclusive Server Resources
  • SSH Root Access
  • Complete Control
  • Premium Network Bandwidth
  • DDoS Attack Prevention
  • Host Unlimited Websites
  • Customizable Configurations
  • 100% Privacy Guaranteed
  • High Uptime
  • Powerful Server
  • Free Account Migration
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 24/7 Technical Support

Summing Up

Faster Speed is the first step for a website’s growth. So, it should be given utmost importance. The Dedicated Server Japan will help you with that through its top-grade resources. With Serverwala’s Dedicated Server plan you will get all the important features at a reasonable price. So, get your Japan Dedicated Server now and reach your goals.

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