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Shade Sails- The most popular types of shades for your outdoors

Who doesn’t want to enjoy the warm, sunny weather? But what if the warmth of the sun changes to hot? Indoor space becomes more appealing. Right? Humans have been using pieces of cloth made of tightly-woven fabric to provide shade for thousands of years. Shade sails are a sheath of material used to shade outdoor spaces and are visually similar to a boat’s sail. It is a fast, easy, attractive and relatively inexpensive way to relieve those hot/ UV rays and wind. Moreover, they enhance the aesthetics and add the visually enticing element to the outdoors.

It is a temporary roof-like structure attached to the roof, pillar, or any other structure to create a canopy of shade and prevent tanning, spotting, and other different types of sun allergies. So whether you want a shade for your garden, roof-top, or your backyard, or for a commercial space, installing these types of shades is undoubtedly a great option to opt for. But before you step into the market to make your selection, it is crucial to understand the various types of shade sails.

These shade structures come in various shapes, designs and fabric materials, with each designed to meet the specific needs of the people and spaces.

Most popular types of shade sails

Umbrella shaped garden shades.

These are the most common types of shades that you will find in many places. Whether you want to read a novel, have lunch, spend some time with nature or enjoy some outdoor activities away from the sun, these umbrellas shades are an ideal choice for you. You can get them installed on your terrace garden, backyard, patio, porch or even in commercial places (like cafes, restaurants, etc.)

Retractable shades

These are also known as Folding arm awnings shades. One of the key advantages of these types of shades is that they are retractable! They come in plenty of designs with all sorts of folding arm awnings. These shades are designed such that they can be closed as and when required. When it is hot and sunny outside, extend your shade and enjoy high-level UV protection. Then, if the sun goes or it’s wintertime and you need light and warmth, retract the shade. This way, you can keep your outdoor space comfortable all year round.

Waterproof shades

Another most popular type of shade is ‘Waterproof’. The primary characteristic that differentiates them from others is that they are made of impermeable rainproof fabric. So if you want to install a shade that provides shelter on bright sunny days and rainy days, waterproof shade sails would be an excellent choice for you. They come with a PVC (polyvinyl chloride) coating with the robust weatherproofing capability to stand all kinds of weather.

Shade cloth

You can go for shade clothes if you want just a general shade for a house or any particular area. These are an ideal solution for especially those who are on a tight budget. Over that, they allow you to select shade colours, shapes and even the post height depending on your need. They will protect from heat and sun to a concentrated area and fits any space and every budget.

Keeping in mind the preferences and weather conditions of the area, the Shade sails manufacturers offer an incredible range of shades. From pastel shades or bright colours to water-resistant fabric, you can get it all at and that too at affordable prices. You get amazing options to choose from and can even customize them according to your needs. So what are you waiting for? This is absolutely a great way to make your space more comfortable and inviting.

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