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Is Georgia Providing High Quality Education at Economical and Affordable Cost

  1. Providing High Quality Education

Georgia has successfully established its name in the world map for providing high quality education in various sectors to the students at an economical and affordable cost.

  1. Scholars and Doctors

The medical universities of Georgia have become famous for producing some well known scholars and doctors in the respective field.

  1. Practical and Theoretical Knowledge

The perfect combination used in teaching the students of both practical and theoretical knowledge makes these universities highly sought out medical universities in the world.

  1. Get Admission in World Class University

The students from several countries get admissions in these universities in the hope of getting world-class education.

  1. Very Healthy Teacher to Student Ratio

Indian students should know about the fact that more than 5000 Indian students are currently studying MBBS in Georgia along with a very healthy ratio of 1:20 teacher to student ratio in the majority of the universities in Georgia.

  1. Apply for the Course

Any student can apply for the course if you have managed to secure 50% in 10 + 2 with PCB (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) from a recognized board.

  1. Highly Advanced Course Patterns

MBBS universities in Georgia follow highly advanced course patterns and prepare students for the future in the duration of 6 years (5 years of academic studies + 1 year internship).

  1. Significant and Important Role

The students from medical universities of Georgia have played a significant and important role in many groundbreaking inventions for the betterment of the medical field.

  1. Very Affordable MBBS Course

Also if we talk about the budget, it is very affordable for students to study MBBS in Georgia.

  1. European Is Very Popular for MBBS

It is far more economical than in India and major European medical countries.

  1. Get an Education from Abroad

The perception of people has changed to get an education from abroad.

  1. Thinking has Changed Drastically

Earlier people used to think that only those people who are from rich backgrounds can send their children to study MBBS in abroad however in the last couple of decades this thinking has changed drastically.

  1. Save Money during MBBS in Abroad

These days parents send their children to study MBBS in abroad to save money.

  1. Medical Universities of Abroad

The fees of private medical colleges in India are sometimes 4 to 5 times higher than the medical universities of abroad and that is the reason Indian parents are sending their kids to study in abroad.

  1. Emergence of MCI Approved Universities

In Georgia, the emergence of many MCI ((Medical Council of India)) approved universities is one of the reasons why Indian parents have started sending their children to study in the country as they got the assurance that their child’s degree would be recognized in India.

  1. English Speaking Country

Being an English speaking country has also helped in influencing the decision of the parents to send their kids to Georgia for studying MBBS as they are assured that the course would be taught in the English language.

  1. Do Not Require to Pass Proficiency Tests

Even the universities of Georgia do not require the students to pass the proficiency tests such as IELTS (International English Language Testing System) or TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language).

  1. Affordable Living Cost

Along with that, the affordable living cost is another reason why Georgia is a top choice for the parents as the basic expenses and amenities in the country is economical.

  1. Famous Celebrities have Studied in Georgian Universities

Many famous celebrities have studied in Georgian medical universities. One such famous celebrity is South Indian actress Sai Pallavi who has studied from Tbilisi State Medical University.

  1. Recognized and Certified Doctors and Medical Graduates

The Tbilisi State Medical University is one of the biggest medical universities in Georgia and has produced thousands of recognized and certified doctors and medical graduates since its establishment in the year 1918 who are currently working in many countries all over the world.

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