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Does My Dog Need Supplements? How to Optimize Your Dog’s Diet

Mobility & strength for our furry friends starts with a balanced, healthy diet routine & way of life.

Does your dog need a boost in the hip and joint department? Is it true that you are searching for an all-natural preventive treatment for your growing puppy? Time to get your paws on our Pet Joint Supplements!

To see how and what to feed your dog, you need to know what the nutritional requirements and joint supplements of dogs are, and how these necessities have been created through the interaction of natural processes.

While picking a supplement, ensure there are top-notch ingredients with as few fillers, added substances, and additives as could be expected. Here we at HCP health help to giving customized care and boosted nutrition & joint supplements to dogs.

Before discussing proper dog diet, firstly let’s know about what are supplements-

What are Supplements?

A nourishing supplement is a concentrated type of ingredient added to a pet’s diet to support sustenance and upgrade a pet’s wellbeing or prosperity. Supplements give and support fundamental, yet regularly rare fixings in your dog’s diet.

Supplements can provide a wide array of advantages to the following-

  • Joint and versatility
  • Digestive and immunity (more than 70-80% of a dog’s immune system is situated in its stomach)
  • Skin and coat
  • Allergy help
  • Heart well being
  • Behavioral
  • Antioxidants and more

Supplements are great for various issues. These are the absolute most regular indications that would cause vets to suggest enhancing your dog’s eating regimen. Any dog who experiences a persistent condition, like joint pain, skin issues, or stomach-related issues could profit from a supplement. Whole food added substances have some incredible advantages, as shinier coats and better skin. However, they additionally mean firmer stools and fewer outings to the vet.

Joint supplements for dogs can help your pet experience less agony and hold more portability as they get older. What’s more, giving your dog preventative supplements from the beginning may attempt to keep up their general joint health and postpone the beginning of joint pain, solidness, soreness, and even arthritis.

What is the Best Joint Supplement for Dogs Alike?

There are certainly a lot of alternatives to look over when selecting dog joint supplements. How might you understand what the best supplement is to assist your dog with having solid joints and minimal pain, especially as they get more established?

Search for treats that have the vital ingredients for appropriate joint care: Glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, and omega–3 unsaturated fats. Supplements containing things like hyaluronic acid, turmeric, or magnesium can also be valuable.

And don’t forget to check with your veterinarian before giving your dog a supplement for joint wellbeing — just to ensure it’s a good idea.

So, How Can You Optimize and Make Your Dog Diet Healthier?


●       Drop the marketing boost and take the label test
●       Avoid feeding food stored at room temperature as a staple diet
●       Introduce fresh whole foods
●       Feed a variety of additive rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties
●       Avoid cooking meats
●       Use organic vegetables and fruit
●       Avoid gluten
●       Replace rice with organic green lentils
●       Add raw coconut oil as an origin of fat


Add Supplements to Your Dog Diet

Another option, in contrast, to provide a happy, healthy life for your dog is filing their bowl by adding a supplement to their mealtime. Similar to supplements probiotics, provide essential but often elusive elements to the dog through the food manufacturing process. Or, if they do, the level of those ingredients may not be sufficiently high to be effective, similarly to glucosamine. These missing elements can be crucial to many necessities, like digestion, nutrient creation/retention, ligament, joint capacities, and organ capacity to perform all the functions.

Supplements, which come in many forms (powder, chew, treat, tablet, fluid, or oil), have a role in dog nutrition throughout their lives, although they’re frequently considered as only being for senior or sick-prone dogs.

Some simply available and healthy dog food supplement includes:

  • Eggs
  • Lightly cooked chicken or beef (a reliable source of protein)
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Blueberries (a reliable source of antioxidants )
  • Coconut oil

Attempt Whole Food Additives

While the normal pet proprietor may recoil about the possibility of routinely preparing human food for their pets, adding just a bit of refreshment to the diet of your Dog can go a long way for your dog’s wellbeing. This shows that people and dogs enjoy processed foods equally, and some studies find that whole food reduces the risk for medical issues, such as transitional cell carcinoma.

Whole food added substances have some incredible advantages, as shinier coats and better skin. However, they additionally mean firmer stools and fewer outings to the vet. We as a whole need our furry companions to have more energy, so the less prepared the food, the simpler it is for your dog to gather the vital Pet Joint Supplements.







The path to optimal health starts now. At HCP Health Store, our mission is to provide better health for our community. We strive to partner with you on the journey to optimize wellness. We are a team of medical doctors, pharmacists, and nurses dedicated to promoting optimal health for all our customers.

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