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Instructions: How to Use Frosted Window Film

Frosted window film can be applied to any sufficiently smooth surface and can be used for windows, rigid plastics, and shower rooms. For example, frosted window film can create surrounding windows in living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and offices. The frosted window film is available in a variety of colors. If you don’t like the traditional white or cream color, you can choose green, pink, or silver to make your house more colorful.

Apply window frosting film

The first thing to apply to ice is to ensure that the surface is not too hot, so the best time during the day is early in the morning and avoid excessive sunlight in the afternoon or evening. When there is no sun at all, the frosted film of the window is easily damaged by the sun.

Before running the frosted window film on the window, make sure that the surface has been measured correctly. When you buy a frosted window film, please buy 15% of the price, just in case.

Window cleaning is essential. You can use baby shampoo because it has an alkaline balancing ability and is very suitable for washing off the oil. Mix a few teaspoons of baby shampoo with water, then pour it into a spray bottle and apply.

After cleaning the window, cut a piece of frosted film singapore and make sure to make additional cuts to ensure that you have enough ability to avoid mistakes. Spray the window on the solution to keep it moist at all times, and use some solution in your hands.

Pull the back of the film from the corner to remove it. If you find it difficult, you can stick some scotch tape on the back of the film and pull it out. That should help you peel it easily.

After peeling all the movies:

  1. Be prepared to put them in place.
  2. Start from the top and go all the way down, making sure to squeeze out the bubbles during operation.
  3. If you don’t squeeze them all out, don’t worry too much. The movie can be processed after it is published.

Please keep the film moist during use so that bubbles can be squeezed out more quickly.

After placing the frosted window film, press the remaining air bubbles outward toward the film’s edge. If they cannot be eliminated, at least make sure that they are as close to the edge as possible.

Maximum privacy, maximum light with frosted windows

Frosted glass windows are most common in bathrooms, and privacy is undoubtedly essential. Still, they are also helpful in other house areas (for example, the window panels of the entrance door). Although you can buy fully frosted windows or window inserts, there are some clever ways to freeze windows yourself.

Window Frosting Film

There are relatively cheap and easy-to-use window matte film options on the market, making DIY projects very affordable. These films are easy to cut to fit your window size and easy to stick.

Window frost spray

You may also want to consider using ready-to-use glaze sprays specifically for glass finishing. When using this product, please use tape to protect the window’s wooden frame or door to prevent the spray from splashing on the glass.

Eco-friendly DIY option

Although the window glaze options above are beautiful, they usually involve harsh chemicals and sprays that are not good for the environment. When installing windows or door panels by yourself, you can make an environmentally friendly choice by yourself. The only necessities for cheaply freezing your ramen are Epsom salt, beer, and brushes. Clean the windows thoroughly to remove dust and dirt and prepare the windows. The clean pane makes the frozen mixture look more natural. Make sure to remove any dust or debris from the window’s inner frame so that the waste does not mix with the glaze.

Cover the window sill with an old towel to prevent the mixture from dripping onto the surface and causing damage. Mix one tablespoon of Epsom salt with a glass of beer and stir. Use a paintbrush to apply the mixture to the window. Let the mixture dry thoroughly, then step back and admire your artistry. Or, if you want to leave a small oval “peephole” in the center of the window, tape that part of the window with masking tape and spray or brush around it.

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