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Things to Remember before buying a Private Office

Things to Remember before buying a Private Office

Having a commercial space of your own feels like power in itself. But finding the perfect private office and making the final decision is one hell of a task. There are millions of suggestions and so-called points to remember on the internet. Plus, a hundred strategies from others in finding the best possible workspace. But what is best for you is up to you. 


There are no hard and fast rules or set standards for buying a private office space. Every office has its own specific needs and demands and is unique to its business. Buying one for yourself is somewhat complex. But if you manage your investment and keep the following points in mind you have the perfect commercial real estate for yourself right at hand.


10 Keys to Buying the Perfect Workspace

Investing in a new office should not only be very smart but also fulfilling. The perfect office consideration need to be very careful and here are 10 top pointers to guide you:

  • Size and layout

Commercial workspaces are quite expensive and while choosing one you must keep in mind the number of employees and the standard size that you will require to carry out the tasks. Here, you must also note the best deal you can get out of the developer with the desired investment.

  • Leisure space check

Any commercial office must have its own leisure space. It can be in the form of a cafeteria, canteen or a lobby well equipped with comfortable sitting. It can be a separate room and you can also add on a mid-size ping pong table, some board games, or even an Xbox or two. Make sure you don’t turn it into a gaming space. Make some room for a beer keg too!

  • Neighborhood and building

The property in consideration should have a well-organized and established neighborhood. Taking office buildings right in the heart of the city which is less expensive can be an altered, old and damaged building. Whereas life on the outskirts which is recently developed can be crime-prone. This decision has to be very precise and thought about. Coworking spaces in Hyderabad are also popular because of their well-connectivity.

  • Transportation check

You don’t want frustrated employees commuting here and there sending them to long walks for underground stations for transporting. Good transport things are therefore very important and should be a priority.

  • Parking space

Spacious parking is another element that you might want to consider on the hit list. You don’t want your employees to ride to work and not find a space to park their vehicles. Neither do you want your customers to keep finding a parking space around your office? Make sure there is at least sufficient Street parking space near your office.

  • Price and commercial mortgage options

After making sure of the space you want for your new office, consider prices and mortgage options. Prices can vary based on the city and area you are based in. The office should be located in a good area as well as be accessible to a commercial mortgage. It will be a smart decision if you settle on more than one mortgage solution and shop for the best one yourself. Working with a broker can have multiple advantages, like good Bank links and access to financing options you might not know about. Relying on a specialist for the right solution is also a smart decision.

  • Scalable or not

Now there might be a chance that you might not get the best place around The Town for your commercial purpose. To scale up to a bigger face it’s nice to know that you can have access to some extra space in the same building, maybe on the same floor. Otherwise selling your office and buying a new one or renting somewhere else with your team can be quite hectic. 

  • Green revolution

Long-term investment should be made in green housing or an environment-friendly project. You can consider special technologies that provide monthly savings on wheels and a few other medical benefits. Having an upgraded office is always a flex. 

  • Liquid assets and fragile cash flow

It can be difficult when you want to sell real estate considering bane. An influx of cash flow to revive a business is very important. Another condition you might want to consider is the expensive repairs under certain circumstances. Considering an old property you will have to pay in bulk for repairs (unless you check this out before making the deal). Making a reliable choice will fetch a boosted start.

  • Move-in ready or fixer-upper

This is one challenging task, deciding whether to choose a move-in-ready space or a fixer-upper buying option. A Fixer-upper office can be quite cheaper and allows you to decorate the interior as per your own choice. But this can be quite high maintenance as renovations and furnishings can take down a lot of money. On the other hand, buying a move-in-ready office may have a little less upper cost but the decor may not be exactly how you like it. But who says one cannot make a few changes here and there 😉


Back to Basics

Apart from the points that are listed above, here’s a list of a few other points that you don’t want to leave before naming that private office yours. Here you go: 

  • Go easy on your budget
  • Carry a full professional survey before making your deposit.
  • Look for a property that is flexible when it comes to long-term investment.
  • Consider market rent and the place rent.
  • Check the amenities that you get along with.
  • Read the agreement very carefully and stick to your requirement list.
  • Finally, negotiate terms to your best outcome.

Summing up

Points help you in making a wise decision and earning higher returns especially when the Indian markets are stagnant. These points cover all the aspects that you might want to consider for making the final decision. Just make sure you do not get overwhelmed and make any wrong considerations or decisions. Investing, being one of the most important decisions, can be both complexes as well as exciting. Get yourself together before making one such commitment.


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