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Indian salwar kameez to elevate the beauty of women

Know why salwar kammez loved by indian's

The salwar kameez is a traditional style of garment worn by women in India. It comprises three pieces, a kameez that is a tunic, a salwar that is worn as bottoms, and finally a dupatta to complete the whole look. Originating from many centuries ago, the salwar kameez of today is a highly modernized and a high more expensive one due to the presence of heavy embellishments, embroidery, and even precious stonework designs. The salwar suit portrays feminism and can be used to signify traditions. Originally worn by female members of the royal families, this specific dress is worn by a majority of women for a variety of occasions such as weddings, parties, daily wear, office wear and most commonly for traditional events for which this garment is well suited for.

Nowadays there are several styles of the salwar kameez, using a range of fabrics including silk, cotton, georgette, jacquard and many more. Let us take a look at some of the styles that elevate the beauty of a woman.

  1. Anarkali Salwar kameez:

anarkali suit

This style is well known by every woman even if you do not really keep up with fashion. It can be seen everywhere and probably is in every shop. Anarkali style is characterized by the floor-length kurti that is in most cases heavily embellished with gold or silver threadwork, sequins, beadwork, and stonework. This style is sure to make any woman look and feel like a princess and no less is expected. Produced primarily from silk, georgette, and satin as these fabrics are premium and in most demand by consumers. Wear it to a wedding, shopping outing or even a more simple design for homewear, it is guaranteed to keep you glowing and looking stylish. 

  1. Patiala Salwar kameez:

patiala suit

The patiala style is obviously one that can be recognized through Bollywood films and by celebrities wearing them themselves. Originating from an area called Patiala in Punjab, it has a shorter tunic that is highlighted by embroidery,mirror work, stone or beadwork around the neckline, collar, and sleeves, special designs are used to complete the traditional look that this style exerts. Best chosen in a range of darker colours such as purples, navy blue, maroons, and even blacks. Paired up with the traditional baggy pants or dhoti style pants. 

  1. Churidar salwar kameez:


In this style, a churidar is paired up with any kind of top, some tops you can choose include anarkali or straight-cut kurtis. The top is paired with a churidar that has string closure or an elasticated waist, the churidar is usually narrow and gathers at the ankle. Churidars are particularly comfortable, especially if they are made from breathable fabric like cotton. Other fabrics such as satin or silk can be chosen for auspicious occasions where you have to put in a little extra to look your best. For best results choose a contrasting colour for your bottoms.

  1. Straight-cut salwar kameez:

straight cut

This is a simple style salwar suit, the kameez is long and features a straight cut which makes it suitable for women of all body types, you can sew it to be loose or fitting according to your preferences. Cotton is a fabric usually used for this style, making it a summer suitable outfit that will keep you refreshed and stylish at the same time. What makes this style even more popular is that it is seen as a daily wear outfit because it displays sober colors and designs such as embroidery, printed and even plain designs, many women if not all women have this style in their wardrobes, But they also have alternatives like a wholesale kurti with them as well. Pair it up with a churidar or a pair of leggings to get maximum attention for your look. This style is best suited for bright summer colors.

  1. Designer salwar kameez:

designer salwar kameez

Another popular category of salwar suit is the designer one. These styles are aimed at women who attend parties and require more luxurious dress options and it caters to the needs of a woman. They consist of outfits which are a fusion of ethnic and innovative western to give rise to a modern take on traditional attire. Some features that they incorporate are, intricate embroidery, embedded stone and beadwork, zari work, netting, and also a combination of matching and contrasting colours are meshed together to create unforgettable outfits, I mean every woman wants to wear an outfit that will be remembered and will have everybody talking about it after the party. 

  1. Wedding salwar kameez:

salwar suit

Weddings are a fixture in the Indian calendar, there will always be a wedding to attend and sometimes it is on short notice. Having a stylish wedding wear in your closet can be a blessing in disguise. These outfits are usually made in traditional wedding colours such as reds, greens, golds and maroons. Latest styles are a rich display of culture and the tunic is usually embellished with sequins and detailed embroidery, pair it up with a churidar or even a heavily decorated lehenga (floor-length skirt) to complete the look. 

  1. Palazzo salwar suit:


Palazzo pants have taken the fashion industry by storm. Thought off as a modern style, this is actually an old style that has made a reappearance on the market. Paired with about anything, the palazzo can be paired with anarkali, kurtis and any other kameez tops. It provides a twist to the outfit, making sure any woman can look modern and elegant. It provides a twist to the outfit, making sure any woman can look modern and elegant. You can even sport designs on the palazzo pants and add extra elements such as a jacket. Take a deep coloured top and a light neutral shade palazzo pants or even a light colour top and pair it with a darker shade palazzo pants. You cannot go wrong with this all-weather look.

Get these beautiful outfits by spending limited time from online websites. Make use of your gadgets to buy stunning outfits, you just have to scroll through the list of wholesale salwar kameez and that’s all. There are a number of colour options as well as choice of beautiful patterns if you opt to buy them from any online store.  

Regardless of the occasion, these styles are sure to make you look and feel like a woman. Whether it is an evening event or a daytime event, all these styles will cater to your needs, modern designs or traditional needs are all available on the market so choose according to your preferences.

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