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What All to Look for Before Buying a Luxury Watch

More than wearing watches to keep track of time, people wear them to complement their outfits. The invention and further improvements in mobile phones reduced the role of watches. But for watch enthusiasts, wearing watches remained equally important to make a fashion statement. This need led to the manufacturing of mens luxury watches. As the name says, luxury watches, most of these watches are quite expensive, making it difficult to own a different watch for every outfit and occasion. But still, if you still wish to complement your watch with every outfit, you certainly can opt for premium watches with changeable straps.

Navigating the luxury watch market can be complicated, but worry not as the following are some of the things to remember when buying luxury watches.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Luxury Watch

Decide Your Budget

The foremost thing to keep in mind before you head out to make your purchase for a mens luxury watch is to decide how much you’re prepared to spend. First, make a rough idea of what you would like to get for your investment. Next, you may think if you want more of a complicated watch with multiple functions or you want a more prestigious brand.

Do research about all the options available within your price range.

Fit and Style

The key to ensuring that the watch you buy looks good on you is the proportion on your wrist. For instance, if your wrist is clunky, you should look for bigger, stronger watch faces. Similarly, if your wrist is small, choose dainty and elegant watch straps that will complement your hand beautifully without distracting the look.

Talking about the watch style, look for one that is versatile enough to suit all outfits and occasions. Something minimal and classic will go well with all kinds of apparel and situations without fail. Classic men’s luxury watches won’t clash with the outfits and colors. Also, a minimal watch will be something that you won’t get sick of looking at every day. Moreover, when it comes to colors then, never say no to neutrals. This is because, with a neutral-colored face, it becomes easy to read with limited complications. Choose a watch that is designed with just one simple crown, i.e., the dial you use to change the time.

Every kind of watch strap has its own attributes – leather, metal bracelet, rubber, or fabric. While the kind of strap that you choose is a completely subjective choice, metal and leather bands are always the most preferable and popular choices. This is because of the look and durability too.

Consider Where You’ll Wear New Luxury Watch

Is this going to be your first luxury watch or just another addition to your luxe collection? Next, think about whether you will wear it daily or are you making a purchase for a special occasion?

You must know that different luxury female watches are designed for different uses. And, broadly speaking, a dress protocol always exists to style a particular watch type as per different settings. Therefore, before making the purchase, you must do some research about the same. You also should know about the different watch movements and take into account the movement as per your intended use.

For instance, if you are a traveler or a businessman who is always traveling worldwide, then look for watches with a world time function. Go for an understated dress watch for a formal occasion. There are some watch styles that offer more protection against wear and tear. Likewise, tool watches are resistant to higher degrees of water, corrosive, or magnetic resistance.

Check for Warranty and What All it Covers

Just like all the watches are different, different brands offer different time warranties. Many times, the warranty of many reputable brands varies as per conditions and durations.

Finding Legitimate Dealer

You should always look for a legitimate dealer. Finding a legitimate luxury watch distributor isn’t a very difficult task but undoubtedly an important thing as it concerns a big investment. There are several ways of how you can access a legitimate distributor or manufacturer of luxury watches. This can include recommendations from family and friends if they have been satisfied with customers. You can even rely on reading recommendations and reviews from previous customers if making an online purchase.

You can even prefer buying from manufacturers and brands who have established their names as legit dealers over the years. This is major because they offer a guarantee and quality watches as per individual budget and needs. Another way of knowing a legitimate watch dealer is to rely on print and social media.

The need for a trusted and legitimate watch dealer also becomes important in cases of receiving a defective timepiece. In any case of getting a damaged watch, rely on the retailer that they’ll fix your problem, return the money and replace the product.

Check for Value Retention

An important thing to remember is never to look at any luxury watch as a financial investment. Though there is a possibility that the watch you purchase will retain its exact value even after years, it can even have an increase in its value. This possibility is low but just can’t be ruled out. Get yourself a steel Rolex watch, and you’ll know how a watch can retain its value. Watches with a limited edition are likely to increase in value once bought.

Final Words

When you buy a  luxury watch keeping all these things in mind, you’ll definitely have a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience. Also, these things in consideration will ensure that your watch lasts over the years to come and will count for a worthy investment.

My personal advice remains always to buy watches that you want and like. After all, you have to wear it and make it a part of your outfit by the end of the day. So, what you pick can make or break the look.

Buy men’s luxury watches and premium watches for women that are easy to read and sit comfortably on your wrist. This is a completely subjective decision and an extension of your personality, taste, lifestyle, and even a sign of your success.

Pallavi Rohatgi

Pallavi Rohatgi is a writer in day and reader at night. She is a result-oriented and dedicated Content Writer with exposure to a wide range of technologies and a strong believer in agile product development. She is always willing to learn and explore ways to make the most of the content.

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