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Important Facts Related to Your Laser Eye Surgery | Optimal Vision

Laser eye surgeries are the ground-breaking technology in correcting your vision and making it 20/20. Let us explore few practical insights about the procedure.

Many people start wearing glasses in their teens and many of them just do not like the idea of wearing glasses. Contact lenses are an option for them to bunk glasses. But contacts are known to contribute to the condition of dry eye. Considering all the relevant aspects laser eye surgery is the best practical solution for these people, says a veteran ophthalmic surgeon in London.

According to the surgeons who perform best laser eye surgery in London, this range of surgeries is not only effective but also completely painless.

Different types of laser eye surgery

  • LASIK is the most commonly performed laser eye surgery in the UK. The procedure is simple, involving creating a flap on the outer corneal layer. The flap simply folds back while a little amount of tissue decided by a computer-controlled system gets removed. Then the flap returns to its original position. The majority of patients mention only a mild discomfort that lasts a few hours. LASIK surgery offers fast recovery of vision. Patients usually experience 20/20 vision the following morning.
  • LASEK surgery has a different approach in correcting vision. In this procedure the corneal skin at the surface is polished away while a laser evaporates the tissue that is needed to change the prescription off the corneal surface. It usually takes 4 to 5 days to get recovered from the surgery. During this period you are on a protective and specialised bandaged contact lens. This procedure is mostly referred to people with glasses but also have problems with the corneal surface.

There are few other types of laser eye surgeries to choose from. Your ophthalmic surgeon recommends you the best surgical procedure only after an extensive eye exam, complete medical evaluation and detailed discussion.

Do not shop when deal is on

These days there are lot of professionals, who offer laser eye treatments. Even some high street brands are into it. But it is best to rely on qualified ophthalmic surgeons at a trusted eye clinic. It is good to spend some time and effort on research on some of the most reliable eye doctors and eye clinics near you, who offer the range of treatments. Your eyes and vision are two of the most precious gifts in life. There’s no point in looking for deals when laser eye surgeries are concerned.

New mothers have a wait-time for the surgery

New mothers have to wait a little for the surgery. You can have the surgery done earliest by 3 months after you have stopped breast-feeding your baby. There is a reason behind this. Breastfeeding affects your vision and it is indeed important that you allow some time so that your vision can settle down to its natural state before taking the surgery.

Avoid makeup on the surgery day or woolen jumper

On the day of surgery you are forbidden to drive or ride the tube. It is always advisable to bring someone with you to accompany back home. You are also not supposed to wear any kind of makeup, perfume, and cologne or hair product. Stay away from alcohol at least 24 hours before the surgery. Avoid woolen clothing or anything that may generate lint need to be avoided as well.

Painless procedure

Once you reach the clinic on the surgery day, the support staffs of your ophthalmic doctor administer anesthetic eye-drops in your eyes. Then they will discuss about the do’s and don’ts after the surgery to prevent infection. They are also likely to brief you about the medicines to take later to minimise the pain as well as the chances of infection.

The actual surgical procedure is very fast and gets over in minutes without providing you enough time to think about it. Though you may feel little inconvenient during the procedure as something remains pressed against your eye, you can be rest assured there won’t be any pain.

In the next 24 hours you are not supposed to open the eyes much. Looking at the sun or staring in sunlight is also strict no-no. Patients usually slip on sunglasses and wait for sometime at the clinic before setting out for home.

Once reaching home, keep the eye shut as much as you can, lie down and make sure to take rest. For about a week starting from that night, you sleep wearing eye guards. It’s okay to watch the TV only the next day after the surgery.

One of the best things about Laser eye surgery cost is it is budget-friendly.  This range of ophthalmic surgeries offers life-long result. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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