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5 Incredible Benefits of Motorised Blinds for an Easier and Smarter Living

Homes are smarter than they ever were before. Thanks to the lazy-people-turned-tech developers for all the home gadgets that get us out of doing the daily chores at home. 

Gone are the days when homeowners would have to manually wipe the floor or do the laundry with bare hands ever since the first robotic vacuums and washing machines were invented. Now, we can’t even count how many household chores are automated these days. All we know is how they help us live an easier and smarter life. 

With the increasing popularity and development of home automation, not only does technology focus on household gadgets but it also elevates the power of any home’s decor including the different window treatments we have ‒ blinds in general. Today, you’ll find an impressive assortment of motorized blinds that offer a range of incredible benefits, encompassing everything from fun to better security. 

From the convenience of automated open and close adjustments to increase in house resale value, here are seven benefits of using motorized blinds as a window treatment at home: 

Automated Open-Close Adjustment

You don’t have to get up from bed or draw near the window if you want to adjust your blinds and welcome the sunshine every morning. With one click of a button, motorized blinds will automatically open and close, adjusting to your preferred level of light filter. 

Moreover, the consistency of manual adjustment of blinds through their cords may eventually wear them out. But with motorized blinds operated by a handy remote control, the open and close adjustments become smooth and loop-free, keeping your blinds resilient and durable even in the long run.      

Ideal for Seniors and Parents of Young Children

Among different types of residents, seniors and busy parents of young children and infants are the ones who benefit the most from motorized blinds. For aging adults, getting up to adjust the blinds of a large-scale window from time to time can be a difficult task. Meanwhile, for parents of playful toddlers or crying infants, adjusting the blinds while rustling around to babysit their kids can be a very distressing mission. Thanks to motorized blinds that eliminate this chore, providing convenience to older adults and babysitting parents. Adjusting blinds can be attainable even when you’re sitting in your nook or doing other chores at the same time.  

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Programmable to Fit Your Schedule

Who says remote controls are only reliable for open and close adjustments? Not only can motorized shades be controlled with a touch of a button from a remote control but they can also be programmed according to your schedule. This way, you can set your blinds to raise in the morning, especially when you need to get up for work or to shut in the evening during bedtimes.

Increase Security

Even when you’re away from home, you can ensure that your window treatments are keeping your home’s privacy by using an app on your phone. Let’s say you are on a trip but you want to make your house look like there’s still activity so no one tries to get in, you can operate your motorized blinds anytime, anywhere. Try to include automated lights so it can be a big deterrent for potential burglars.   

Resale Value 

Aside from providing a general aesthetic appeal, sun protection, and security, your home will benefit more if you switch to motorized blinds by increasing your home’s resale value. Installing this kind of home technological advancement feature, you are improving the functionality of your home and taking it one step ahead of others in the market.

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