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Digital Marketing

How to Use Social Media Optimization to Boost Brand and Sales?

Did you know SMO is the modern part of SEO? Guess you are not aware of the vast power of Social Media Optimization Services just yet.

SMO is an important aspect of Digital Marketing Services with which you can enjoy an enormous web presence, develop strong online visibility, and build brand authority online. The best part of SMO is you don’t necessarily have to have a business website, just social media accounts. For example, Instagram and Facebook are great social media channels, to begin with.

Enhancing reach to your profile and content might look like a vast task. However, with simple social media techniques that don’t include technical know-how, you can engage a large audience.

So, with further ado, let’s understand these simple techniques and what they do. Contact Master Infotech, a reliable social media optimization company, if you need a personalized social media planner.

What is Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization is the process of enhancing your social posts to get better results: quicker follower growth, higher levels of engagement, more clicks or conversions, etc.

Social media optimization can require many different techniques and tactics that vary in scope and difficulty:

Basic enhancements on an individual post level, e.g. asking an engaging question in a post caption or choosing a more thumb-stopping visual, High-level development, e.g. redefining your brand’s tone on social media.

In any case, social media optimization should be based on performance analysis, user and competitor research and/or insights collected through social listening.

Think of SMO as an opportunity for you to analyze and adjust what you’ve been doing on social media to make it great.

Benefits of Social Media Optimization

Here’s what the appropriate social media optimization techniques can do for your social media channels.

  • Boost your online visibility
  • Connect and engage with your user on a deeper level
  • Enhance brand awareness on social media
  • Boost reach on social media
  • Better the quality of your leads from social media
  • Sell more of your products and services through social platforms

11 Social Media Optimization Tactics to Follow

  • Social Media Account Optimization
  • Use the appropriate keywords
  • Individual Post Optimization
  • Write compelling titles and captions
  • Link Optimization
  • Take influencer’s help
  • Add tags to your posts
  • Make sure that your username is consistent
  • Improve your account’s searchability
  • Always keep your customers top of mind
  • Review your social media strategy

Social media account optimization

First of all, your business account must focus on your goals & objectives. Conduct a common audit of our social media profile, focusing on branding and marketing messaging.

For example:

– Try to use branding, content, and visuals related to your company

– Use your company’s logo as your social media profile picture to build a strong brand identity.

– Use a balanced username for all social media accounts; it helps customers easily find your profile.

– A major error that brands commit is failing to properly put up the bio. Write a compelling business bio, use the right keywords, and add a contact details/CTA button redirected to your website.

– Use CTAs that redirect the visitors to the right landing page.

– Use branding messaging that enhance your social media campaigns

Your social media presence is a successful doorway to your brand. Make sure that your customer’s first experience with your business (products & services) is engaging and not confusing.

Use the appropriate keywords

Using the right keywords is one of the most essential things your business needs to win big. It includes finding the appropriate words and phrases to boost your business’s search engine ranking.

We aren’t suggesting that you should stuff your content with keywords to boost your searchability. You just have to perform thorough keyword research steadily with your company and filter out the most useful ones. After that, insert them naturally in your social media content.

But the question is how you would know which keywords are the most searched ones? You can use different tools to find out or simply contact our social media optimization services for good results.

Individual post optimization

Your influencer posts need more attention and refining than any regular greeting post. For posts that requires special optimization, consider these vital  points:

– Create headlines & descriptions that reflect the ethos of your brand’s ongoing promotions

– Don’t forget to add right hashtags, keyword phrases, and CTAs

– Mind the brand tone and voice throughout your social media campaigns

Make sure that your aims are being addressed on all fronts. Perform a thorough social media testing to decide which kind of post, caption, CTA, and initiative combine with your customers.

Write compelling title & captions

Not just anyone can be an author. You need a professional copywriter from a well known social media optimization company to help you create compelling titles & captions.

Expert copywriters know the difference between drafting a post for Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok. They pick the right choice of words that resonate well with the viewers on different platforms.

Are you looking for a professional copywriter to keep your creative juices flowing? Contact Master Infotech, the Best SMO Company providing to all your SEO and SMO needs.

Link optimization

Link optimization is that component of SMO that often flies under the radar. You cannot just go unconventional and drop links randomly over social media platforms. With link optimization, you can track your audience behaviour and click-through rates and identify your top-performing campaigns.

How can you do it?

– To track “Clicks,” use UTM tags on your social media links.

– Assess the most clickable links. Track campaigns the links are attached to, which CTAs were used).

– Ensure to redirect the customer to an ideal link or landing page

Through link optimization, you can record the ROI of every single post.

Take influencers’ help

It’s hard for start-ups to set a company foot in the digital world even when you have a strong social media marketing plan.

This is why getting outside help can be awe. Get in touch with some of the great industry influencers and collaborate with them to encourage your products and services. It also helps you optimise your social accounts. Filter out influencers and bloggers promoting services for a particular niche, ensuring your brand voice is heard.

Add tags to your posts

If your social media post features another brand or a user, it’s best practice to tag that person in your post. Not only does this earn you huge warmth points, but it also helps build natural conversation and communication on your post.

Make sure that your username is consistent

Your username across your social media platforms speaks volumes about who you are and is an important piece of the puzzle as to how your brand comes across. Therefore, it’s essential to be consistent with your username.

Improve your accounts’ searchability

Not all of your posts require to use this technique because not all of your posts are required to be discoverable by a searcher. Sometimes, you’ll be posting on social media just to communicate with your user. Remember to be tactical. For example, when we share this post, we’ll include the keyword “social media optimization” as a hashtag to help with the post’s discoverability.

Always keep your customers top of mind

Not all users are the same. Spend some time digging into the demographics to optimize your social media content for the appropriate groups.

For example, if you’re targeting the users in England, you might want to ditch US colloquial language. Similarly, if you’re targeting an audience in America, you might not want your social media ditch to sound too British, guv’nor.

Review your social media strategy

To get insider details on your company’s social performance, most channels have built-in analytics to help you understand if your social strategy is working or not. Tools like Hootsuite Analyse give you additional valuable insights.

If you want to go one step further, you can always A/B test your social media optimization and see whether one technique vs. other works better.

For instance, if you’re an online organic grocery shop and want to create more discussion about food waste, what image drives more engagement from your users? A photo of an overly full landfill producing methane gases or a photo of a decreased grocery bill?

Why choose a Social Media Optimization Company when I can use SMO tools?

Using SMO tools can be a great alternative to hiring experts from a Digital Marketing Company when you’re handling your business single-handedly. However, the results you get from using SMO tools are short-lived and not completely good.

For instance, a multitude of people use SMO tools every minute, and thus, your orders are bound to break at times. Some elements are not available or differ from business to business.

But, after every 10 minutes, you have to use the tool manually and wait for the feature to work. So, to avoid any trouble, look for the best SMO Company to realise the powerful benefits of Social media optimization Services.

Final Words

The simple techniques discussed earlier can help you create the stepping stone for enhancing your social visibility. Using them, you can drive your future campaigns toward great success. These techniques, paired with SMO tools, make sure you are serious about what you do and pay attention to the numbers.

Still not sure about social media optimization? No need to sweat it. Just make sure to call us and hire our experts who provide high-end social media optimization services to lead your optimization journey.


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