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5 Impacts of Technology in Teaching | SelaQui International School

Best Residential School in Uttarakhand

Educators all across the globe are the most important achievers and delivery persons of technology-driven products during this pandemic and lockdown. The schools and colleges are operating completely through online classes since the start of this year, and these teachers have proven to be the imperative link of transmission of education. But there are umpteen challenges they face on a daily basis regarding the use of appropriate methodologies.

Talking about technology and teachers, it would be very interesting to know about the various impacts of technology in modern-day teaching.

Some of the important ones are:

  • Improves Student Engagement: Technology enables the development of an interactive and collaborative environment. The new interactive model through online classes has proven to deliver a better learning experience to students. It also helps teachers to create better demonstrations for stimulation for young minds. While learning about the course structure and curriculum, children also learn about technical skills as well.


  • Better Access to Resources: The resources and education are available to students at all times. The child is able to attend the course and research material at any point in time. They will also effectively learn the attributes of researching correct information. Also, it can be noticed here that better access to resources can provide kids with swift answers.


  • Encourages learning beyond the classroom: Taking the above-mentioned point further, the use of technology in education ensures that learning is not limited to the stringent classroom walls. The students can reach out to all the information at all times.


  • Promotes Innovative Teaching Techniques: From sharing screens to various other innovative techniques implied in imparting knowledge these days, schools have adopted new methods in their approach. With hybrid classroom discussions, they ensure that the students are empowered and understand concepts well.


  • Enhancement in Traditional Ways of Teaching: Today, schools and colleges are putting across an apt combination of both methods to help students achieve great heights in all endeavors.

The introduction of technology in teaching has gained significant importance. Today, every parent should look out for a school where the right blend of technology and traditional methods can give wings to your child’s dream. SelaQui International School in Dehradun is your answer as it is the best residential school in Uttarakhand. It’s a distinct approach to holistic learning and education is not only creative and intensive but technical as well. It prioritizes helping each student to reach their highest potential through a thorough intersection between technology and teaching. It is the best girl boarding school in India. Visit the website for more details.



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