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How to stop hackers from Spying on you through Ring Cameras?

Do your home security device makes your home safe and secure?

Ring Security cameras are manufactured and provided to its users for making their home more secure but the recent hacks of the ring cameras have raised a lot of questions.

There had been several incidents since 2016, where ring doorbell local recording hack was witnessed. A hacker teased an 8-year child by hacking the house camera in Mississippi. However, in Florida, racial spew was slurred to a family.

In 2016, Ring was also found sending packets of user’s data to a Chinese server. The concern was raised on re-edit and then people come to know and several comments from Ring were also received.

How hacks were possible?

As per the report from Motherboard, dedicated software to break into Ring security system was being sold on a crime forum for just $6. A person having well knowledge of hacking told Newsweek that the type of hacking used in Ring doorbell was a very basic hack which is known as the stuffing of credentials.

Credentials stuffing is done mainly through the compromised login details.

Ring, however, replied saying that those people who use single login details for different account and don’t even use two-factor authorization, generally gets hacked. If someone is not using unique passwords and two-factor authorization in today’s world then he will always be at risk, it’s true. But still, how a company like Ring can get hacked with a basic way of hacking? The company always markets itself in such a way that without their product our home is not safe.

Other Incidents

The ring is smart home security that works on internet connection and connects to your WIFI. You can also manage Ring devices through your smartphone with the dedicated Ring App.

However, if you have Alexa and Google Home then you can even control these devices through voice commands. But here’s the catch, if somehow, a hacker gets to hack your Wi-Fi then all your connected devices come at a stake. So, you must have to make your WiFi network encrypted.

On Dec. 11, 2019, a person disabled the Ring Security service because a hacker hacked into their kitchen and try talking to his children. On Dec 8, a family has to go through a racial abuse by a hacker.

Even with the two back to back incidents, Ring reported that their internal system was not compromised and there is no evidence that Ring Security was breached.

Even if you compare Nest vs Ring, you would find that both of the competitors have to go through this. With every technology advancement, chances of getting hacked keep increasing.

Is Ring security system going to improve?

The ring came up with several methods by which a customer can protect their security system from getting hacked. Indeed, Ring internal systems were not breached but still, users are being hacked because they are not thinking about security their system. Rather they think that they have a working security system and therefore they are secured.

How can you make your Ring hack-proof?

To get yourself away from being hacked, you must enable Two Factor Authentication and create a unique and strong password. Since Ring has a “Share user” feature so always use this feature rather than sharing your username and password with another person.

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