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How to Spend a Winter Season in Guangzhou with Friends?

At the point when northern China is frozen, Guangzhou is as yet an ocean of vivid blossoms in December. The weather is changeable, but temperatures tend to stay above 10 degrees Celsius or 50degrees Fahrenheit. When exposed to cold air, the temperature can drop rapidly to about 10 degrees Celsius or 39.2 degrees Fahrenheit but will rise quickly when cold air passes through. The temperature differences between day and night are getting bigger as winter progresses. Rain is rare this month, so most days are cloudless. The best time to take china southern airlines to Guangzhou is undoubted December and January.

Guangzhou is the largest city in Guangdong Province. It is particularly affluent in:

  • Commerce
  • Tourism
  • Gastronomy
  • Finance
  • Real estate

The canton is a bustling city all year round. It enjoys a typical subtropical monsoon climate with moderate temperatures throughout the year.

Air Quality in Guangzhou in Winter

Rising traffic jams with more cars per capita than most cities in China and busy factories in Guangdong are increasing air pollution. However, the blue-sky campaign launched by the Guangzhou government has visibly improved air quality. Canton is no longer one of the most polluted cities in the world. Air quality is the lowest in November and December. On some days the contamination is classified as “unhealthy for vulnerable groups”. Such persons should bring or buy a dust mask for those days in Guangzhou.

Side Note: If you don’t want to go to china then you can also have a splendid winter vacation by taking flights to London.

Experience Zhujiang New Town with Your Friends

Zhujiang New Town is the headquarters of Guangzhou and its modern landmark which is a must place to visit with your friends whenever you take china southern airlines. This area, also called Tianhe CBD, is only 6 square kilometers but has the most skyscrapers at over 300 meters in China. More than 140 of the world’s 500 largest companies have their headquarters or representative offices there. You can find here countless things to enjoy such as:

  • Checking into the tallest skyscrapers
  • Shopping in some luxury malls
  • Feasting on delicious food

You can also visit the Guangzhou Arts Center, which includes the Guangzhou Opera House and the Guangdong Center for Contemporary Art.

Spend Some Time at Baiyun Mountain for Exceptional Friendly Talks

Mount Baiyun covers a large area of ​​Northeast Guangzhou. Since ancient times, it has been considered the most picturesque part of the city for its grandeur and sublime. The name Baiyun Mountain means White Cloud Mountain because the summit is shrouded in clouds as the sky clears from rain. With a forest covering over 28 square kilometers, Mount Baiyun is also lauded as the lung of Guangzhou. As you ride the cable car to the top, you can enjoy the view of the alluvial plains of the Pearl River Delta and the distant urban part of Guangzhou. The highlights that this place has to offer are:

  • Luhu Lake
  • Yuntai Garden
  • Mingchun Valley
  • Moxing Summit
  • Mingzhu House
  • Yunxi Ecological Park
  • Sculpture Park

Visit Shamian Island for Some Memorable Sightseeing

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, a foreign settlement was built on this island on the Pearl River. You could walk among old European buildings in different styles and large old trees. Some restaurants complete the area. While walking around Shamian Island, you can see many amazing buildings and there are plenty of opportunities to try different cuisines, including local Cantonese cuisine. It is a great place to walk and you will find many old official buildings of embassies, cathedrals, churches as well as a shadow strolling through the greenery. You will get the following ways to transportation here:

  • Scenic walk
  • By subway
  • The ferry

Pearl River Cruise for Once in a Lifetime Experience

The most picture sque places in the city are located in the Guangzhou part. As you cruise, the scroll of modern Canton is gradually revealed in front of your eyes: the Liede Bridge with its distinctive shape, the venue for the opening ceremony of the 2010 Asian Games, an artistic concert hall, and the CBD skyscrapers.

During your route, you can enjoy the breathtaking sceneries that come with the following names

  • Night Moon over the Goose Pool
  • Misty Rain over the Twin Bridge
  • Red Heart of the Pearl River
  • Autumn Moon over the Pearl River
  • Clear Waves on the Pearl River

These are some of the best ways to spend a winter season in Guangzhou with friends. Whether you take flights with china southern airlines or any other, make sure that you do not miss the enjoyments mentioned above.

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