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How to request a permanent ford and how much does it cost

How Much A Ford Costs

The number of permanent fords has increased considerably in every city and their outskirts. This is mainly due to the increased demand for parking in urban centers as more and more single-family homes are being built. But who can request a permanent ford? How do you apply? If you have ever asked yourself these questions, we will solve them below.

As the Race explains, a permanent ford is an authorization issued by the corresponding city council to reserve a space on the public road, in order to allow the entry and exit of vehicles from a built or non-built property. It should be noted that this license implies the reservation of space on the sidewalk, which is a common good, and is used for the entry and exit of vehicles, so it entails some modification or lowering of the curb.


Any person who owns or owns the property to which these steps give access or who carries out activities whose space is aimed at offering services, such as car workshops. The owners of works and constructions that need to enable access for the entry and exit of vehicles can also request a permanent ford. Buy used cars online in New Zealand from Auto for Trade.


It is important to know that the application for the license depends on the regulations of each municipality or town hall. However, as a general rule, all application processes require the following documentation:

• A photocopy of the owner’s ID.
• A photocopy of the property title of the property.
• The description of the need that justifies the request for the permanent ford.
• The location plan of the property and the site plan to scale. This requirement will vary by location.
• A report detailing the width of access to the property or farm and the urban elements affected.
• The work license for the first use, the license to enable the garage space, the license for modifications of use, or the activity license.
• Proof of payment of the corresponding fee.

The amount of the fee varies depending on the following factors: the city in which it is requested, the category of the street where the passage of vehicles is located, the sidewalk space to be reserved, and the surface of the garage to which access is to be given. Taking these factors into account, according to the Race, the price of a permanent ford can be between 50 euros a year for a parking space and 2,500 euros for a garage with space for many cars. The price of the license must be added to the 12 euros that the ford license plate can cost.
The permanent ford gives the right to enter and exit vehicles 24 hours a day. It is very important to check that the license is not expired and that it is still in force. The expiration date of the ford can normally be consulted on a sticker on the ford plate itself.

If a driver is looking for parking and finds a gap in an expired permanent ford, he should be very careful, because the owner may have removed the sticker from the license plate. The fine for parking in a reserved space amounts to 200 euros.

The owner of the ford is prohibited from parking in the defined access area since the license gives him the right of way, not ownership of the public road.

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