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Challenges faced by the automotive industry for its survival

automotive industry for its survival

At the moment, it may seem that the automotive industry is an ever-growing and revenue-generating industry, but this is not the case. We may be optimistic about its growth, but many factors make it challenging for this industry’s growth.

Even a minor change in the industry can have a big impact on the world economy as it is a big contributor to the economy.

Environmentalist pressure and fuel dependence

Many environmental regulations are making the automotive industry work slower. The customers’ demands are high, but at the same time, there are restrictions by the government and environmental organizations.

According to the research, transportation is responsible for about 35% of the carbon emissions in the environment. There is consistent pressure on the automotive industry to reduce carbon emanations through its technology.

Using innovative technology to reduce carbon emissions increases the price of their vehicles. Apart from the price, it reduces safety and performance. This is because to meet the new standards, and it is necessary to reduce car weight. if the car weight is reducing, it is mandatory to use flimsier and lighter materials.

Making these changes in the production process can be expensive for the companies, and there will be an uncertainty of the product.

To facilitate production, these companies can opt for the best car loans by the government and finance their production.

Increase in car sharing

Lately, more focus has been on car sharing policy. The environmentalist and activists have been focusing on car-sharing to reduce pollution levels. The promotion of this policy has impacted the automotive industry a lot.

Due to this, the concerns have been changed for the automotive industry. This implies that people are buying lesser cars as compared to the previous decade.

There can be a decrease in the number of cars per individual compared to the previous number. Unfortunately, there is more focus to increase this trend and promote car sharing.

Despite this policy, the automotive industry has to find ways to deal with this and still earning revenue in the current scenario.

Electric vehicles

Factually, if we compare electric vehicles and gas-powered vehicles, electric vehicles emit 50% less carbon. Hence, governments and environmentalists strongly promote electric vehicles.

This means the automotive industry has to work harder on developing technology that reduces a significant amount of carbon emissions. As a result, the companies that cannot work on the technology are likely to become irrelevant in the sector.

Chinese market

The Chinese market, be it automotive or any other market, has been profitable for quite a long time.

If it is not considering the Chinese market, every car manufacturer around the world is likely to go into losses as the Chinese market is promising and rapidly growing.

Smart self-driving vehicles

The emergence of smart vehicles is another factor that has impacted the automotive industry. With AI being in demand, it may change the scenario of the automotive industry forever.

Also, along with the scenario, it may change customers’ preferences too. Interactive and self-driven cars are the need of the hour and attract a larger customer base.

It will completely change the way people travel. Many car manufacturers are trying to match up to the pace and are making progress in the field.

Any company that achieves the desired standard will have become the car leader. But to reach up that level, all car manufacturers have to invest a huge amount of resources.

Many car manufacturers can opt for bad credit car loans and think of making investments to survive in the market.

Honestly, the chances of overcoming these factors are bleak. These changes may lead to the radical restructuring of the market.

Alternative Fuel Vehicles

One of the biggest competitors of the automotive industry is alternative fuel vehicles. The demand for alternative fuel vehicles is expected to be on the rise.

These gas-powered vehicles have to match up to the standards and demands for fuel-efficient cars or vehicles not using fuel at all.

Environmentalists’ everyday focus is on the impact of fossil fuels on the planet. This is a never-ending debate and has to be answered tactfully by car manufacturers.

Alternative fuel options include biofuels, solar energy, etc. Although there are limitations to these alternative fuels, the time is not far when alternative fuels will be gaining attention and preferred over gas-powered vehicles. These ideas are turning the tables and will become a reality very soon.

If these ideas enter the market, they will change the automotive industry’s trend forever.

New Regulations

The current automakers are in a dilemma to enter the market in the presence of their Chinese counterparts. This is the biggest challenge faced by them. There is a continuous focus on increasing air pollution and protecting nature.

Along with this pressure, there are arbitrary tariffs at times that can be imposed anytime. Hence carmakers have to weigh the pros and cons of competing with their counterparts. They have to take this decision of competing in the market.


If the car makers invest in getting the new technology, this may increase the prices of cars, making it difficult for people of all classes to buy. Although car loans are available in the market, still the prices should be affordable.

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