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How to Remove Stains Properly from Couch Upholstery

You do not require to hire a professional to clean your couch’s upholstery. Your chairs and sofas are some of the most often used and mistreated pieces of furniture in your house, and they need to be cleaned and maintained.

There are several reasons to clean your couch’s upholstery, including stains from food and drink, pet hair, and grime from children’s feet. Check the manufacturer’s label and learn how to care for and clean your couches using upholstery cleaning products, and then follow the instructions below to make them look new.

So, Why Clean Your Couch’s Upholstery?

Here are all the reasons to clean your couch’s upholstery, which you should know before you learn how to clean. 

To Save Money

If you’ve spent much money on your upholstery, you probably want it to endure as long as possible. If you keep it in good condition and clean it often, you won’t have to replace it often, saving you money in the long term.

Makes It More Pleasurable

Taking care of your upholstery ensures that it will continue to serve its primary purpose of providing you with a place to rest and travel in for many years. No one likes to relax on a worn-out couch or vehicle seat at the end of a hard day, and even high-quality fabric may show indications of degradation when ignored.

Preserves A Presentable Look

Keeping your upholstery clean helps keep the colours vibrant and the textures true to their original state. In addition to removing stains and odours, regular cleaning is essential if you have pets because of the damage that may be done to your upholstery from exposure to pet dander and other pollutants.

Ensures A Healthy, Clean, And Safe Environment

Removing mould, dust, mildew, and allergies may improve the air quality in your home by cleaning your upholstery. Bacteria, viruses, and filth may build up in your soft furnishings and pose a health hazard if they are not cleaned regularly. These microbes are discharged into the air while sitting on a couch or chair.

They’re Made To Be Maintained

Underneath the cloth, there is cushioning that is ready to absorb any liquid you may spill. Despite your best efforts, even if you believe the spill has been completely wiped from the furniture’s surface, it might reappear later. This is particularly relevant if your boat has upholstered furnishings.

Now that you know why you should also know how to clean your couch’s upholstery.

The Best Way To Clean Your Couch

There are three stages to thoroughly cleaning a sofa or similar upholsteries. Stain removal and routine cleaning using a reliable upholstery detergent should be done every three months.

Here is how you can accomplish this:

How Can You Clean Your Couch with a Vacuum?

Weekly vacuuming is a great way to keep your sofa looking its best, regardless of the design or fabric used. To get rid of the gross stuff, you’ll need a more powerful vacuum with a stronger suction, which is why a lightweight, portable hand-held vacuum works so well for collecting potato chip crumbs.

Decide on the Best Instruments

Make sure you have a vacuum with a HEPA filter to remove as much dust and allergens as possible. Use a vacuum with UV light to effectively eliminate germs, viruses, bedbugs, and dust mites. Offenders are killed and sucked away by the UV light, which is then trapped in a two-filtration system.

Clean the Edges with a Vacuum

The upholstery should be thoroughly cleaned. Even if the sofa is propped up against a wall and seldom touched by people, it’s important to remember the bottom sides and back. Everywhere you look, dust is clinging.

Vacuum the cushions

Use a crevice tool to get into the nooks and crannies of the couch’s cushions and frame. You may come upon a tidy sum. Remove the cushions from your sofa and properly vacuum them on both sides if they are detachable.

Vacuum The Bottom

With the help of a friend, you can even vacuum the bottom of the sofa if you’re feeling very ambitious. (This is also a wonderful opportunity to clean the subfloor thoroughly.)

To Remove Stains, Here Are Some Tips 

Before attempting to clean the whole piece of furniture, you should first remove any stains. Here are the ways you can accomplish these:

Remove Moisture and Solid Debris by Blotting

If the stains are fresh and liquid, use paper towels to remove as much moisture as possible. Use a proper dull knife or the edge of a credit card to remove as much of the stain as possible from liquids like mayonnaise or gooey cheese. The stain will simply spread further into the cloth if you rub it. A soft-bristled brush may be used to release dried substances. Towels and a soft-bristled brush with a spoon were used to blot a spot on the blue upholstery sofa.

Organize the Upholstery Cleaning Products

Mix 1/4 cup upholstery detergent or dishwashing liquid with 1 cup warm water in a small basin if the upholstery can be washed this way. Make some suds using a mixer or a whisk.

Smudge Stain Removal 

Remove the discolouration by rubbing it with a sponge dipped in suds. As the stain spreads, keep transferring the sponge to a clear spot.

Finally, Rinse 

To remove any remaining cleaning solution, rinse the sponge or microfiber cloth in clear water. Because any detergent left in the fibres will attract additional filth, it is critical that you thoroughly “rinse.” When using a dry cleaning solvent, read and adhere to the product label’s instructions.

Cleaning the Upholstery of a Couch

After vacuuming, you may follow the same techniques as stain removal if your sofa requires a thorough cleaning. Here are the ways you can clean the couch’s upholstery:

Sort Out the Cleaning Supplies

Using carpet spotters or dishwashing liquid and warm water, make a less concentrated cleaning solution. One teaspoon of cleaning liquid per one gallon of warm water is all needed to clean. That way, you can start cleaning your couch.

Wipe down the Fabric

Clean all surfaces with a sponge or microfiber cloth immersed in the solution and wrung dry. Work on a few tiny pieces simultaneously to minimize water getting on metal parts like buttons and snaps. Rust stains might be difficult to remove as a result of this.


Use a clean sponge or towel soaked in simple water to finish the job. To remove any remaining moisture, use dry towels to dab the surface. To speed up the drying process, a circulating fan may be used; however, avoid using direct heat, such as a hair drier.

The following steps can easily clean your couch’s upholstery. But that is not all you need to know; knowing how to clean an upholstery also requires you to know what to use to clean which kind of upholstery. So, here are the codes which you need to know about cleaning upholstery.

Before You Start Cleaning, Learn the Code

A tag on the underside of each piece of furniture has been used since 1969 to indicate how to clean it safely. Follow the cleaning instructions on the tag you find beneath the sofa or cushions.

1) W code

The W Code means Water-based solvents may be used to clean these textiles.

2) S Code

S Code means to remove stains and dirt, use only a dry cleaning or water-free solvent. A well-ventilated space free of open flames, such as a fireplace or a candle, is required while using these chemicals.

3) W-S code

The W-S code is that Water-based or solvent-based cleaning agents may be used on these upholstery textiles.

4) X code

If you notice an “X,” you should avoid using any cleaning products. For certain clean textiles, you must vacuum them or hire a professional. Staining and shrinkage may occur with the use of any household cleaning agent.

Final Words

You’re already ahead of the game, having discovered a cleaning code tag and proper ways to clean your couch’s upholstery. Make an inconspicuous spot to test the cloth if there is no tag present to observe how it behaves when handled. One good advice is to avoid over-wetting the cloth and use proper cleaning supplies such as carpet spotters Mould and mildew may form in the cushions if there is too much water, and this mould and mildew are very tough to remove. That’s all you need to know about cleaning couch upholstery. And for the best and the most effortless experience, opt for our carpets. We guarantee the best quality carpets that require minimal maintenance requirements. And we offer such commendable quality mattresses at the most reasonable prices as well. 


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