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Factors to Consider When Choosing OnePlus Service Centre

OnePlus Service Centre

Is your OnePlus smartphone not turning on? Is its battery dead? Or, is there a web-flower pattern across its screen? Well, these are common issues, and a well-established OnePlus service center can handle them effectively. So when you encounter a problem (or problems) while using your smartphone, do not be anxious or think of ordering a new device. Instead, look for a reputable service centre in your city.

OnePlus smartphone is now one of the most popular Android devices in India. So, unlike in the past, it is no longer difficult to find a service centre for OnePlus repair in your city. You should, however, make sure that you visit the right one.

Here are some factors that you can consider when choosing a service centre for your damaged OnePlus smartphone.

OnePlus Service Centre should be Easily Accessible

If you are a professional, you might not have the time to visit a service centre that is far away. So, look for a centre that is close to your workplace or house. But, this does not mean you visit the nearest one without determining its repair service quality. If you do, you might end up using your OnePlus smartphone as a paperweight. In case there are no top-notch centres nearby, you can look for the one that offers pickup and drop-off service. Such a centre makes your repair process hassle-free, and it also saves your time and effort. After you contact the service centre, it will send someone to your preferred location to pick the damaged device. And the person will return to hand over you the device once it is fixed. Some centres offer the pickup and drop-off service for free.

OnePlus Service Centre should be Reliable

Oxford Dictionary defines “reliable” as “that can be trusted to do something well; that you can rely on.” You cannot rely on all the OnePlus service centres in your city. Only a few can be trusted to do a repair job of the highest standard. How does one find such a reliable and safe centre? Well, use search engines such as Google to make a list of the service centres for OnePlus repair in your city. Once you have done that, check the websites of service centres, read online reviews about them, and call their customer support.

The website content will let you know the pros of contacting them, whether they use genuine parts, and offer a warranty on their repairs. Customer-generated reviews can help you determine if a centre’s top-quality claim is true or just a promotional statement. And you need to call customer support to get answers to a few questions. These include:

  • How many years of experience your technicians have?
  • Do your technicians undergo regular training?
  • What is your repair process?
  • How long do you take to fix a device?
  • How much will it cost?
  • What additional benefits do you offer?
  • Do I need to book an appointment in advance?

Always visit a centre that has a team of experienced technicians. They can handle your device efficiently and fix its issues in the shortest time possible. And information about regular training is necessary because you find out whether technicians know about the latest repair techniques and tools. Well-trained technicians are better equipped to handle both the oldest and the newest model of OnePlus effectively.


The centre that you plan to contact should have a transparent repair process. It should not hide anything from you and answer all your questions honestly. Most reputable service centres explain to you issues affecting your device performance and then let you know how they will fix them. They will also tell you about the estimated repair fee and how long it will take to repair your device. If the customer support executive is rude and does not answer your questions properly, it is best not to visit that centre.

Final Word

You might be heavily dependent on your OnePlus smartphone. So, when it gets damaged, you might want to get it fixed as quickly as possible. But, you should not visit the OnePlus service centre in haste. First, try to find the best one in your city. The centre should have employed experienced technicians who do quality OnePlus repairs using the latest repair tools, updated techniques, and genuine parts. The popularity of OnePlus smartphones have led to the rise in the number of service centre’s dedicated to their repairs.  So, when you need to visit one, you can easily find its address. But, do not be in a hurry to get your device fixed. It might make you chose a centre that does shoddy repair jobs. In India, local search engines such as Sulekha and Just Dial can help you determine whether a service centre can be trusted or not. Visit the one that offers a warranty on its screen replacement service. Such a centre usually does a top-notch repair job, as it has a highly experienced team, all the right tools, and genuine parts.

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