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How to Play the PS4 

In the heat of the summer, you’re afraid the PS4 can get dangerously hot. Or did you notice problems with your console overload, because suddenly, during the game, the game you were playing started to slow down and freeze?

Despite the summer of heat, in fact, overheating of electronic devices must always be taken into account and, above all, to avoid compromising their regular operation.

If you have a first generation PS4 (called “PS4 Fat”), PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro, I’ll explain in the next few lines how to cool the PS4 with all the necessary precautions and advice. So how do you give a new update to your favorite game system? I assure you that you will enjoy the benefits immediately.

Step by step how to cool the PS4

Background information

Before explaining how to cool the PS4 , there are some enclosures I would like to set up: one of them relates to cases where a temperature increase causes the game to slow down or slow down.

Once you have faced this problem, you should not underestimate it in any way, but instead you should think about acting in a timely manner, taking some steps and implementing a series of important precautions.

One of these is definitely The Console’s ongoing maintenance. Especially when it comes to swatching.

The second related factor is definitely related to the choice where the PlayStation 4 .

Finally, do not underestimate the factor of time : Stress during long gaming sessions (more than two / four hours per day) helps to increase the risk of overheating, as well as the wear and tear of internal components and materials (before thermal paste).

For this reason, also pay attention to make sure you know the correct breakdown and suspension variation of the PS4 .

After making these necessary brackets, I would like to give you two tips that you consider very important: the first is to focus on the blocks and never underestimate them when they occur, because they are not random.

The second is to take advantage of the signals PS4 is more commonly associated with overheating – so, if the room temperature you play is above average, there are other devices that are very close to the console, and if the noise from the fan has increased recently. All of these are easily related to the risk of overheating.

You should know that the Sony consoles’ ventilation and cooling system is already very effective in itself, because as you might imagine, it was carefully designed and reviewed by Japanese electronic entertainment giants in extreme conditions. The tips I will give you in this guide are mainly aimed at its proper management.

I can continue to talk to you about the most practical and effective cooling methods that will ensure your PS4 operates at a more stable and safer temperature, thereby reducing the risk of crashes and malfunctions.

Playing PS4

If you have the first PS4 model ( PS4 Fat in fan terms ), in this chapter I will explain the precautions you need to follow to cool this version of the Sony Console .

The first piece of advice I would like to give you is cleaning .

Yes, you probably weren’t expecting it, but you might be surprised at how much dust and dirt the console can collect during gaming sessions.

The structure of this tube is inevitable and there is no way to notice it, the dust attracted by the console’s fan is stored in a clear amount on the side and rear gates.

So, it is not common to notice the dust after blocks or why the PS4 noise is increases , until it becomes annoying and covers the audio of the game. Wondering what solution to adopt? Impia your PS4 , taking this practice as the practice of doing the least once a month .

If you don’t know how to proceed, or are afraid to do it right, I will say now that you really have no reason to fear because it is so simple.

In principle, you need to use a microfiber or suede / suede cloth console to swatch clean; A. Compressed air can vents, body recesses, USB ports and input ports, and then finish the work with a brush.

The second trick that I consider important is the console case that pays attention to the cool PS4 . In fact, you should know that the choice of the location of your console is not just a matter of aesthetics or furniture, but is crucial in supporting the effectiveness of the internal cooling system.

Can you ask me what is the solution in this case?

Nothing is more difficult, I recommend you follow the simple principles: keep your PS4 in space , twice the size of it , avoid other heat-generating devices or a closed display case.

Instead, he prefers to leave space between the back and the wall. To conclude, especially in the case of the PS4 «Fat ,, I prefer the horizontal position to the vertical.

In fact, the latter forces the console to cover the side vents that “draws air” from the outside, thereby greatly reducing the efficiency of the cooling system.

How To Play A PS4 Slim

If you have a PlayStation 4 slim , then you may have run a hand over it, perhaps placing the controller at the end of the game, and notice the heat developed during the game session.

The first thing I have to tell you is this is perfectly normal: the PS4 Slim has the same graphic power as its larger version but is surrounded by less space in half and a more compact air cooling system.

In other words, the PS4 Slim also melts its heat passively, releasing heat at the top. The internal ventilation system removes the air from the outside and the left and right side and then the warm air from the rear.

Do you wonder why I am explaining this to you? The reason is simple and put the PS4 Slim in a large space , not narrow and never accurate.

 Have you taken the Slim version specifically to take advantage of its smaller size? I understand you, you understand you want to « ganar Possible as much space as possible, but my advice is to find a comfortable position for you but allow the console to air at the same time.

Can you ask me what else to do to cool the PS4 Slim? Now let me tell you that the advice for the first version of the PS4 is still valid, its best practice is to swap the console once a month to swatch clean .

What you can do to avoid dust accumulation is to place the PS4 in a large space and without much electronic equipment nearby.

Proper distance between devices helps reduce dust, but prevents the heat from each device contributing to the temperature of the console.

The last piece of advice I would like to give you is dust detectors for PS4 slim grids. Thanks to these filters, grills are to measure, retain dust that normally enters the console, and filters only get dirty. If you want to use this solution, be sure to swatch clean or replace the filters after a lot of dust has accumulated.

How to Play PS4 Pro

Have you bought the PS4 Pro , the best-performing version of the PS4 , and are you concerned about its proper operation?

The Sony console’s Pro model is very powerful and complex compared to others I have already mentioned, so it is necessary to take proper precautions to maintain its maximum performance.

To get start, try switch grills. Keep the PS4 Pro on the side and back, with the monthly swatch cleaning the outside of the console.

Also, always try to keep the console big enough that it is not very accurate compare to the generous dimensions of the best io games PS4 Pro, completely avoiding it in boxes or display cases.

Always a better horizontal position than the vertical , otherwise the same console prevents side ventilation fans.

On the other hand, if you want to take extra precautions to further protect the PS4 Pro’s cooling system, I wouldn’t recommend investing in extra USB fans because these aren’t always as efficient and work on the same console that contributes to power and power generation. More heat.

If you really want to invest in cooling systems, I suggest you to apply some Dust Proof Kit created specifically for the PS4 Pro.

These kits do not prevent airflow from being too light, but they usually “capture” the dust that enters the console or enters the vents. When the kit is dusty, swatch clean with a brush or replace it with a new one.

In case of doubts or problems

Even if you read my tutorial, you can’t cool the PS4? So there may be flaws in your console’s cooling system.

In cases like these, don’t be alarm and contact official PlayStation support immediately so you can get help from popular multiplayer games.

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To do this, click Search bar and write  «Overheating»,  then select Logo PlayStation 4 .

Then select your PlayStation model PS4 , PS4 Slim o PS4 Pro and follow the on-screen instructions to find the serial number console. At the end, click the blue button.

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