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The Nintendo Switch Unstoppable!

The Nintendo Switch continues to sell well in 2020

The Japanese gaming industry is growing

Once a pioneer in video game development, Japan has today become a global force when it comes to game development, sales, and distribution, as well as consoles. The global epidemic has not harmed them in the slightest, growth is measured in billions of dollars, and manufacturers like Nintendo and Sony are rubbing their hands with satisfaction. We will see what the financial indicators will be at the end of the year, but as things stand, this will be one of the record years.

Japan is home to the most popular games

Pac-Man, Super Mario, Zelda, are just some of the most popular titles that came to us from Japan. This year, Super Mario is proudly celebrating its 35th birthday, Pac-Man is experiencing reincarnation during the epidemic, and some new games like Animal Crossing are quickly entering all sales and gaming record lists. Japan is home to games that have marked generations of players.

The importance of gaming for Japan this year is shown by the fact that during 2020, they earned 19.5 billion dollars from this fast-growing industry. All predictions show that growth will continue with an equivalent strength in 2021. Nintendo boasted its financial report ahead of the competition, and therefore the papers show that in this year, they experienced a growth of 428% in profit compared to last year.

You can also check out some of the best multiplayer games for the Nintendo Switch at the links below.

Nintendo Switch multiplayer games Part 1
Nintendo Switch multiplayer games Part 2

Of course, the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game is responsible for this success, because the sales of the Nintendo Switch console jumped due to the game. So much so that at one point the production could not reach the market demand. The game was declared the fastest-selling in history because they sold over 5 million copies in the first month.

Nintendo has therefore significantly raised its outlook for the subsequent financial year, now expecting quite $ 4.5 billion in earnings by the top of March 2021. That’s a 50% increase over May when the forecast was $ 3 billion. Nintendo sells 24 million Switch consoles annually compared to the previous 19 million.

Now all eyes are on the PlayStation 5, the next-generation console, which should justify the success of its predecessors. And whether the PlayStation 5 will succeed in that? We will see in the coming year.

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